8 Best Sofa For Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a common ailment that about 80 percent of humans go through at some point in their life. With the growing average age of humans, the problems are growing too. Increased usage of technological devices is deforming our spines and posture. In this entire scenario, the best sofa for lower back pain can come to your rescue and at least provide you comfort at home, where you spend most of your time relaxing.

Best Sofa For Lower Back Pain

Every living room has a sofa that is favored among the home members. You have to make sure that the sofa is maintained all the time since most of you are going to watch TV while sitting on that piece. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that sofa gives you great back support? You will be spending your time on a sofa that adapts to the shape of your spine and keeps you upright. A sofa designed for great back support will help relieve your lower back pain and improve your posture.

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What to look for when choosing a sofa for back pain?

A sofa for lower back pain might sound a myth to you. Just take a look at the following aspects and keep them in mind when you go for sofa shopping next time. We assure you a sofa with these aspects will keep your back straight as compared to other slouchy options.

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 Supportive spring system:

A good sofa will have a serpentine coil spring system for the inner padding or an eight-way hand-tied spring system. Such a frame allows great bounce but prevents the seats from sinking in. your hip and lower back need straight and strong support to keep your back aligned.

 Dense Cushioning:

If you ever bought an orthopedic mattress, you would know that a hard surface provides better support to the spine rather than a soft one. People might find a soft seated sofa more comfortable, but if you have back problems, you might want to invest in a sofa with relatively harder cushioning. A soft cushion would create problems for you while getting off the sofa. A well supported and foam padded cushioning will keep your hip and thighs at 90 degrees to let you get up easily.

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 A sturdy frame:

The hard and strong frame provides better support to a sofa and increases its lifetime. While getting seated or up, a heavy frame won’t push the sofa away. A good hardwood frame holds the spring coil and the upholstery together. Most heavy frames feature strong legs that are anti-skid and provide better support to the sofa.

 Anti Slouch design:

A sofa for lower back pain should not be very high to let your feet dangle in the air nor should it be too low that you have to bend knees to sit on it. A good heighted sofa will let you sit on it with knees being bent at straight 90 degrees.

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Types of Best Sofas for Back Support:

Now that we have some great options of sofas for lower back pain, we can classify them in four different types that provide the essential aspects for relieving back pain.

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This is the most commonly sought after type of sofa that is preferred by people suffering from back pain. These adjustable and adaptable sofas allow you to customize your seat as per requirement. You recline the headrest and footrest to take the pressure off your lower back.


A Chesterfield sofa is a large couch with rolled arms that are the same height as the back. A quintessential Chesterfield is upholstered in dark leather, with deep button tufting all over and nailhead trim. Their deep, yet firm, cushioned backs are great for supporting the back, while the upright backrest helps with sitting at the right angle.

 Massage sofa:

This is the most luxurious type of sofa for lower back pain. Mostly found with recliners, these sofas offer back massage options. You can customize the controls as suited to your back. They require an electricity resource just like the powered recliners.

 Ergonomically designed sofa:

Ergonomic furniture design is getting popular these days with a futuristic aspect to these designs. These types of sofas are made tailored to your spine and adapt to your back profile. You can get them customized for your problem areas with special curvatures.

Best Sofa For Lower Back Pain Management:

Having looked at the aspects of a great sofa for lower back pain management, let’s move on to some great options available on the web to take your pain away!

1. Seatcraft Anthem Power Recliner:

With recliners being the popular choice when it comes to body support, pioneering this list of sofa for lower back pain is this Anthem home theatre reclining sofa by seat craft.

It features a dual powered reclining mechanism. You can easily adjust your back by moving the head and footrest. This seat is capable of leaning fully back at 180 degrees.

It’s a great option for a living room with three seating options. However, you can fold the middle one down to expose a great functional unit with USB chargers, AC plugs, lights and cup holders.

The material is leather which is easy to wipe and durable. It features lights at the bottom that offers a great ambiance. The quilted stitch detail offers great cushioning for the back.

Things we like:

✅ The features offer much more than back support.

✅ The dual power recline feature of this sofa offers feet to be elevated and head to be rested back so as to relieve pressure from the mower back.

✅ You can control your posture while sitting via buttons, without having to actually get off the sofa.

✅ The seats are soft yet not too plushy to make getting off difficult.

Things we don’t like:

❌It’s a high-end sofa that requires ample space. Its strong presence might make you adjust your interior setting around it.

2. Divano Roma Bonded Leather Recliner Sofa:

This great option presented by Divano Roma is another addition of recliners to this list. This seller is famed for durability and good reviews. This dual powered recliner allows you to adjust the alignment according to your comfort.

Two of the sofa chairs allow full recline while the middle seat is stagnant. This allows you to avail of both alignments. You can avail the middle seat to keep your knees at 90 degrees while the side recliners allow you to elevate your legs.

Upholstered in bonded leather, the material is durable and sturdy. The inner filling is memory foam that has a tendency to adapt the curves of your body providing better and firm support.

Things we like:

✅ Fully reclinable two seats.

✅ Memory foam filling that allows firm yet soft support.

✅ Bonded leather upholstery making it a durable option.

Things we don’t like:

❌Recliners are not great wall huggers. So be sure you have ample clear space at the back to let the seats recline.

3. Coaster Home Furnishings Weissman Pillow Motion Sofa:

Coaster Home Furnishings brings you another reclining option for back support. Plush lovers will love its soft upholstered seats and cushions. To provide leg support, the footrest can be elevated.

This charcoal-colored neutral shade will adjust to your settings well. The design is neither too lavish nor too low lying. Such a balance of design lets you settle this sofa in any room with any interior.

It’s available in another beautiful chocolate color. The polyester-nylon blend makes it breathable in hot weather as well. With a weight limit of about 825 pounds, the frame is heavy and stays in its place.

Things we like:

✅ Soft cushion padding for seats and back.

✅ Reclining footrest and back.

✅ Wall hugging design requiring only 4-inch clearance.

✅ Heavy frame providing strong support.

Things we don’t like:

❌The sofa is too heavy to move.

❌It’s not a dual powered sofa so the headrest would not adjust.

4. Rivet Sloane Midcentury Modern sofa:

You might like this great heightened sofa by Rivet if you are not intimidated by recliners. This mid-century look with grey polyester linen upholstery will provide a great contemporary solution for your living room.

The frame is a hardwood that provides great support to the sofa. The beech wood legs give a mediocre height to this sofa and provide the essential strength. Such height is great for keeping posture straight and knees well bent.

The seats of this sofa are filled with foam that does not allow sinking in and lets you sit in and get up easily. The seats can even be removed to clean and wipe. The tufted detail enhances the aesthetics as well as ad reinforcement to the upholstery.

Things we like:

✅ The material is easy to care for with a magic sticker used to stick the seats.

✅ The style is contemporary and will suit any interior.

✅ The cushions provide a firm yet support to the back.

✅ The back is straight that prevents slouching and allows sitting with a straight posture.

✅ The seat height is good for keeping legs straight.

Things we don’t like:

❌Complaints regarding upholstery warping off the sofa are observed. But within the given price, it’s worth a try.

5. Stone and Beam Dalton Sofa:

Stone and Beam brings you this contemporary sofa that gives you relatively softer seats with good height and great support. The seller offers this design in a loveseat, living room chair or an ottoman as well. You can pair these up for a living room optimized with great back support.

The colors are neutral with an easy to clean linen upholstery that is moisture-proof. The seats are easy to remove and clean from beneath.

The seats lean is normal, which offers a straight posture seating. Hardwood frame is used for the support that gives strength to this design. Heavyweight makes it a sturdy seater that does not move while you sit or stand.

Things we like:

✅ Strong inner frame and wooden legs.

✅ Easy to clean upholstery.

✅ The seat lean is not too relaxed nor too upright.

✅ Cotemporary modern design that blends in background.

✅ Easy to pair sofa set options.

Things we don’t like:

❌The cushions are softer, which can be subjective to those who want a firmer solution for back pain.

6. Faux Leather Futon Sofa:

Best choice products bring you a multi-purpose sofa that serves as a recliner as well as a full bed. The basic construction might confuse you whether it’s good for back or not. But when you come to know its construction and features, you will agree on its comfort.

The design is sleek with elevated legs that make it easier to sit and get up. The height of about 31 inches is just right for sitting straight. Tufted and foam padded mattress make it sturdy yet soft to sit. The back can be reclined at multiple angles which provides adjustable back support.

The side armrests are removable. You can sit upright with arms a little raised on the armrests thus providing a straight shoulder frame.

Things we like:

✅ Easy to convert into a futon bed.

✅ The mattress is about 6 inches thick which balances the height of the sofa.

✅ The backrest is reclinable.

✅ It’s easy to fit in a small space.

✅ The faux leather is easy to clean and maintain.

✅ The middle section can be folded to provide a cup holding option or to serve as a double armrest.

Things we don’t like:

❌The faux leather and chrome-plated legs are not very durable for long term use.

7. Honbay Reversible Sectional Sofa:

Honbay brings you this L shaped to add versatility to this list. This contemporary sofa with great functionality will enlighten your living room. It offers ample family space for your living room.

The cushions are filled with foam that provides steady support. You will never have to worry about sinking in. Non-pilling seat cushions are supported with serpentine pocket coil construction. The solid wood frame supports the sofa and keeps it firm at its place.

It comes with easy to clean breathable fabric upholstery. The chaise is reversible that does not bound the orientation. A storage bag is also a part of the detail.

Things we like:

✅ The L shaped sofa is adaptable to left or right orientation.

✅ Seats are nice and firm with pocket coil support.

✅ The chaise offers a storage pocket.

✅ The neutral grey color is adaptable to any interior.

✅ Seat height is 19 inches that are adequate for straight posture sitting.

✅ The chaise can be used as a stand-alone ottoman for elevating feet.

Things we don’t like:

❌Some customers complain about the fabric being torn near the nail head trims. Be sure to contact customer service for exchange in case.

8. Rivet revolve Modern Leather couch:

Rivet brings you this real leather loveseat that offers a straight and firm for spine support. Multiple colors are available for you to choose from.

The solid wood frame offers great support and makes the sofa stand on its place while bearing weight. The seats are kept deep so as to support the back well while leaning. The wooden tapered legs provide height to the sofa for proper sitting.

The leather is smoothly finished which is easy to clean. The seller offers free returns for 30 days and one year warranty. The design lines are clean and simple thus complementing any type of interior without making it heavy.

Things we like:

✅ The seat height is neither too high nor too low.

✅ The cushions are soft but steady.

✅ Seat lean is relaxed which is preferable for people who want a soft but upright position for sitting.

✅ The leather is finished smoothly which creates an easy to wipe surface.

✅ The tapered wooden legs keep the sofa elevated and makes cleaning beneath easier.

Things we don’t like:

❌It’s an expensive purchase with limited seating.

Why You Should Invest In a Great Sofa For Lower Back Pain

Purchasing furniture, especially sofas and recliners with which you will have prolonged bodily contact, should be treated similarly to purchasing shoes. You may have collectible, sculptural, or chic showpieces, such as the pair of rare Nike shoes. However, to fully unwind, you’ll need seating that suits you like a pair of running shoes, with just the right level of support and cushion.

Given the way home furniture is manufactured and sold today, finding what is suitable for your body can be difficult. We’ve come to associate comfort with a large, squishy seating arrangement in which you’re swaddled in fluffy, if not swallowed.

We spend a lot of hours sitting in a chair, not just at work (for those of us who work there), but also at home. As we’ve shown, this has ramifications for our posture. Consistently bad posture will lead to chronic back pain down the road. The simple truth is that in today’s world, the human body isn’t really designed to spend as much time sitting; instead, it prefers to perform. This is worsened because many people spend as much time as possible in uncomfortable positions (for example, in front of a computer screen) and slouching.

There’s a build-up of pressure from the spine and buttocks while sitting in relatively safe positions, which can take its toll over time.

Back pain can be exacerbated by a variety of factors, not just where we sit at work. Evidently, it’s convenient to collapse into a plush settee after a long day, but this may lead to poor posture and put a strain on your nerves. As a result, when choosing a couch, make sure it promotes good posture and provides the firm support your back needs.

Always consider cost

When purchasing a back support couch, you must consider how much you are willing to spend. This generally means that you can’t just choose a sofa that’s way out of the price range and expect to get it. However, it’s a good thing that many of the sofas that cater to the “cheap” price range are really very good.

On the other hand, some more expensive sofas come with more features and are more comfortable. They do, however, contain all expenses. Overall, if you want to get the most out of your back support couch, you must choose one that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Furthermore, a back support couch that has a reasonable cost-to-value ratio is unquestionably your best option. You can get a lot of value out of the best sofas on a budget.

Get a Sofa with Lumbar support or Foot Rest 

A sofa with lumbar support is one of the healthiest choices you can make. However, if you can’t get a sofa with lumbar support, you should opt for one with a footrest. Essentially, you should be able to raise your toes without bending over, especially if you have poor circulation or leg pain. Lumbar pain can often be linked to tight calf and knee pain, which is why the footrest function is so important.

Consider Recliners with Back and Neck Support

Recliner sofas are ideal for both relaxing and relieving back pain. In fact, a recliner with back support can be considered one of the best couch for back support. With such sofas, it is possible to change the back support angle while maintaining a straight posture. Recliners often have a footrest, which is ideal for those who spend hours watching TV or reading books.

The cost is the only distinction between most non-reclining and reclining sofa. It is possible to pay a little more for a recliner to hold the back pain at bay.

Consider Every Member of the Family

It’s pointless to consider buying a couch if it doesn’t suit you properly. Every members of your family should be able to sit comfortably (and this includes your little ones and the old folks). When buying a recliner sofa, ensure that it is comfortable in all positions.

The depth of the seats is the essential factor to consider when fitting. Depending on your height, choose deep or shallow seats; with your feet flat on the floor and the backs of your knees only slightly ahead of the lower seat cushion, the couch back should support your back adequately. If you like to sleep on the sofa, try to stretch out on it first to see if it is long enough for easy sleeping.

Final Verdict:

After looking into different types and designs of sofa for lower back pain, you need to make a decision according to your comfort. Now you know the basics of what to look for in a sofa with great back support, the next step is finding the one that brings comfort to you. A great idea is to always sit on the sofa and try to get up from it with ease. If getting up and sitting down creates a problem for you, look for the alternative option.

P.S And if you want to complement this great sofa buy with an effective and all natural way to help with boosting your health and reduce back inflammation and pain, have a look at turmeric as a worthy supplement.

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