12 Best Sofas on a Budget

Don’t worry we have got your back! Keep scrolling to find some of the best sofas on a budget.

Looking for the best sofas on a budget to re-energize your home, but your wallet has you clenched?

You are tired of craving a new setting for your living room, but can’t find the perfect match that fits your budget?

A sofa or a couch is the most welcoming furniture piece that you can have in your homes. It’s the centerpiece of a living room and you try to move everything around it. 

After the end of a tiring day, you see a comfortable sofa placed in your hallway and feel like sinking in it. But at the same time, you might be worried if you accidentally damaged or scuff it since it was an expensive purchase. Then you wonder, had it been a not so expensive yet functional piece, you would have dived in it without giving a second thought. 

Best sofas on budget 2020

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A sofa on a budget keeps you worry-free

Believe it or not, a budgeted sofa with all the comfort and utilities is a source of mental peace. You are not worried about damaging it yourself all the time. You don’t have to scream at your toddler to be careful with food on that couch all the time. You are not worried about your sleazy husband lying over that couch with shoes on all the time! 

We promise to bring you that mental peace with our best sofas on a budget. Whenever you see a well bought budgeted couch placed in your living room, it is going to lighten your mood and be proud of your choice. 

To make your choice easier, we have divided our best sofas on a budget into four main categories. Since each one of you is going to have different requirements regarding the type of sofas, we respect it and bring you some of the best options to choose from.

1. Best Sectional Sofas on a Budget

Leading the list of best sofas on a budget, are over beloved sectional sofas. Who doesn’t love a sofa that will be huge enough to seat a whole family and is adaptable with its components?

A sectional sofa comes with separate cushions and even separate couch pieces that can be moved around to adapt your room dimensions and orientation. Many come with reversible cushions, removable ottomans and even movable seats to allow you set the sofa as per your requirement.

Let’s take a look at the four best options that are within your monetary reach.

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1. L shaped Reversible Chaise Sectional Sofa:

Pioneering the list is this Cotemporary sectional sofa with an L shape. It offers three seats with a long lying chaise that is reversible. It’s perfect for a small apartment as it is a space saver with its lean body and adaptable shape.

The modern contemporary frame offers clean lines and minimal look that complies with about any type of interior and seems a safe buy. With great reviews and satisfactory customer service, you can purchase this neutral grey sectional sofa under 300 dollars.

Things we like:

✅ Reversible chaise that can be configured to either the left or right side.

✅ All seats and cushions are fully reversible thus providing the perfect side to be always up.

✅ Kiln-dried hardwood frame that strengthens the sofa and won’t creak, warp or rock over time.

✅ Solid wooden legs that reinforce the strength of the frame.

✅ High-density foam filling with linen upholstery that is durable for everyday use.

✅ Assembly is easy, whereas back and seat cushions can be disassembled anytime easily for washability and maintenance.

✅ The side ottoman can function as a stand-alone piece leaving the sofa to work as a typical three-seater.

Things we don’t like:

❌ It has a very basic shape and a set back look which might be subjective to a customer who wants something that holds its stance rather than blending in the background.

2. Honbay Convertible Sectional Couch

Next on the list is this sectional sofa by Honbay which features a beautiful beige tone to lighten up your space. A lighter tone has the tendency to make your small space look vast and bright under 250 dollars.

It features convertible and reversible sections that adapt to your setting. The silhouette is clean with minimal design details. The basic rectangular frame goes with any contemporary interior and chaise offers an inviting daybed feel.

Things we like:

✅ Convertible and reversible chaise that can function as a stand-alone ottoman.

✅ The chaise can be adjusted to either left or right side.

✅ Modern linen fabric is washable. The cushions and seats can be removed to wash separately.

✅ It has a capacity of bearing 660 pounds.

✅ The dimensions are easy to fit in a small apartment as well.

✅ Offers a solid hardwood frame with serpentine spring support.

✅ Spring coils are used for bouncy seats instead of hard foam.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The lighter tone and linen fabric are harder to maintain especially with kids on board.

3. Walsunny Convertible sectional Sofa Couch:

One of the best-budgeted options is presented by Walsunny as this Convertible sectional sofa. It offers a beautiful neutral coffee brown shade that’s neither too light nor too dark.

With a price of a mere 214 dollars, you can have this three-seater set in your living room. The clean lines and basic shape holds its presence with the complementing color against a dull background. If you have a dull off white setting, add this sectional as a centerpiece and voila, you have a great interior!

Things we like:

✅ The cushions provide firm support rather than sinking in with weight.

✅ The dimensions are perfect for a small space and transport easily through your front door.

✅ Assembly is relatively easy with no extra tool required.

✅ The chaise is reversible and thus movable to any side.

✅ The warranty policy offered is great with the free exchange in case of any damage.

✅ The inner frame is hardwood with high resilience foam and breathable linen upholstery.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The inner foam padding provides firm support that might be a drawback for those wanting very comfortable seating.

4. Divano Roma Rose Red Sectional:

Adding some funk to our list is this beautiful rose pink option presented by a reputed seller; Divano roma. 

It comes with soft padding and two extra cushions for added comfort. The chaise is configurable and seats are reversible. It is a contemporary modern style with multiple color options available. However, we have specifically added this hot pink option as a versatile choice. 

The style is configurable with movable ottoman and seats. 

Things we like:

✅ Modern linen fabric that is soft and washable.

✅ Movable chaise that can be configured to the left or right side.

✅ Petite dimensions are fit for even a small apartment allowing about four people to scooch in.

✅ Minimal assembly required.

✅ The style is modern and contemporary that complements any interior.

✅ Dark wooden legs that complement the hardwood frame and fabric.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The cushion is just 6 inches thick which isn’t as comfortable as other options available.

2. Best 3 Sleeper Sofas on a Budget

The second type of sofas to complement your seating and pocket, are the sleeper sofas. With the modern evolution of technique and design, there are a variety of mechanisms available to offer a sleeping and seating solution.

A sleeper sofa has the capability to be converted into a bed. Modern sofas do not compromise on a sofa seat in order to provide an additional feature. You cannot simply judge the appearance of a sofa to determine whether it’s a sleeper as well.

While you are looking for the best sofas on a budget, why not get an additional functionality with it? 

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5. DHP Paxson Convertible Futon Couch Bed

This dark-toned sofa cum bed is brought to you by DHP Furniture. The best feature offered by this futon sofa sleeper is its ability to be moved in multiple positions. The back can be reclined in multiple positions made possible by the click-lock mechanism. You can avail of these comforts within 350 dollars.

The mid-century inspired linen upholstery is beautifully detailed with pleated stitches that enhance the aesthetic appeal of this design. The style can go with any contemporary setting. Grey and black options are available to add a depth in your light interiors.

Things we like:

✅ Dark linen upholstery that shows minimal dirt.

✅ Trendy design featuring a contemporary shape of frame.

✅ Solid wooden legs complementing the strength and aesthetics of this futon.

✅ Pocket coils interior that provides equal weight distribution ensuring reduced motion transfer.

✅ Standard spring coils offer support and proper balance. The mattress comes topped with CertiPUR-US certified high-density foam.

✅ It features a metallic frame which can be availed in three different armrest styles as per your choice.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The metallic frame requires rust maintenance overtime.

❌ Lack of sections on the sofa might require you to wash the whole mattress in case of a spill.

6. Vanilla White Modern Sofa Sleeper

This Modern Vanilla White option is provided by a brand named “Emily”. It’s a highly functional option that provides a sectional L shaped sofa as well as a full-sized sleeper bed. It qualifies a family seater and sleeper.

The modern and sleek silhouette offers a contemporary style with tufted stitch details adding to its appeal. It can be easily converted from sofa to a lounger to chaise to sleeper.

It is a two-piece set of an L shaped convertible sofa and a day bed which can be conjoined to provide a double bed. With such a handy option under a budget of 480 dollars, you can furnish your space efficiently.

Things we like:

✅ The unique feature of conjoining the two components of a chaise and L shaped sofa.

✅ The tufted detail enhancing its aesthetics.

✅ Modern sleek steel legs.

✅ Faux leather upholstery that is easy to wipe.

✅ Four different folds offered.

✅ Light yet not arctic white tone of the leather.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The light color is hard to maintain and keep stain proof.

❌ Faux leather has its limitations when it comes to scuff and rub marks.

7. Novogratz Leyla Loveseat Sleeper:

Novogratz brings you this beautiful wine or berry-colored functional futon sleeper that provides multiple adjustment options. With under 230 dollars, you can add an accent to your home scape with a sofa yet sleeper. 

The side arms can drop down at 180 degrees or can be slanted to add an edge and extra dimension. So with a single purchase, you can get three convertible options; a rectangular sofa, a sofa with slanted side arms and a full open bed.

This option is convenient for waiting rooms as well. You can keep it as a sofa and if you need to seat more people, you can open it at full degree.

Things we like:

✅ It’s a conveniently small space solution serving multiple purposes.

✅ The berry color is an accent as well as a popular choice these days. It is well complemented by striking chrome legs.

✅ The armrest can be folded at multiple angles for added comfort and style.

✅ The armrests come with extra storage pockets for keeping magazines or any small items.

✅ It is easy to assemble and hassle-free storage.

✅ It is lightweight with 66 pounds.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The mattress is thin making it an uncomfortable sleeping option.

❌ The mattress dimensions are smaller than expected, since the backrest does not open or fold down.

3.  Best Loveseat Sofas on a Budget

A loveseat, as the name complies, is a popular choice among couples. Its wider than an armchair but narrower than a standard two-seater sofa. It is cozy enough to seat two people snuggly. 

Loveseats are popular due to their comfort and convenient space-saving. A well-chosen loveseat can be the focal point of any setting. It’s capable of providing a snug fit and cozy environment in any room. 

Most of the loveseat options available are comfortable with chunky cushions and oversized seats. This is a distinctive feature that sets them apart from regular two-seaters. 

So here we present you a few of the best loveseat sofas on a budget;

8. Zinus Jackie Classic Loveseat:

This emerald green cosy loveseat is a design by Zinus. With polyester upholstery, it features plush seats and back cushions complemented by flare armrests.

The design is basic and cotemporary that will be a part of any existing interior and would never look outdated. It’s a functional piece with 53.5-inch arms providing the comfort of use. 

The color is ideal for those who are bored with the same old grey, brown and black and are looking for something different yet neutral. Paired with a patterned rug giving a hint of emerald with grey, this loveseat is going to be the center of attention.

Things we like:

✅ The neutral yet unique greenish tint of the upholstery.

✅ Affordable comfort under 400 dollars.

✅ Flared armrests breaking the straight monotony.

✅ Easy to wash or clean.

✅ Easy to assemble without any tools.

✅ Cotemporary silhouette to compliment your setting.

✅ Hardwood frame and legs adding durability to the design.

✅ Petite dimensions offering a snug fit in either corner or center.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The back height is low so don’t expect a head or shoulder rest unless you are 4 ft tall.

9. Stone and Beam Lauren Loveseat:

This coffee-colored loveseat offered by Stone and Beam is offered in 74 and 89-inch sizes. It is soft with down-filled cushions on a solid hardwood frame. The neutral color with a contemporary silhouette provides an easy setting and adaptability.

The upholstery fabric is 98% polyester and 2% nylon that makes it moisture repellent. This waterproof surface makes it easy to wipe. It features a classic look that will go with any interior.

Things we like:

✅ Solid Hardwood frame enforcing strength in the sofa structure.

✅ Waterproof surface providing easy wiping.

✅ The sofa comes assembled and doesn’t require any tools or hassle.

✅ The seller offers free returns for 30 days and a 3-year warranty.

✅ It comes with multiple neutral-colored options to choose from.

✅ The seat height is low thus doesn’t block a view if placed in front of a window.

✅ The seat is leaned low and cushions are extra soft to provide a comfortable loveseat.

Things we don’t like:

❌ With other options available you might find it slightly overpriced at 840 dollars.

❌ The low lying and reclined back seat may be subjective to a customer with back problems.

10. Divano Roma Classic Sofa:

This cosy looking loveseat is offered by Divano Roma. The brilliant white linen fabric is perfect to bring light in your apartment. The oversized cushions with chunky seats invite you to rest on them after a tiring day. The dimensions are perfect for two fit two people snugly.

Paired with a colored throw just like the picture and placed over a dark rug, can change the look of your interior dramatically. The contemporary silhouette is easy to adjust in your existing homescape. The low lying wooden legs with heavy frame adds to the comfortable look even more. The more upholstered a sofa is, the cosier it looks.

Things we like:

✅ Soft and chunky seats and cushions paired with two square extra cushions. The back cushions are not fixed and are mobile.

✅ Soft white tone of the upholstered linen.

✅ It is available in multiple colors including a beautiful accent turquoise.

✅ It has a low lying back with cosy half-rolled side armrests for support.

✅ A great budgeted deal under 230 dollars.

Things we don’t like:

❌ It comes almost unassembled but includes all hardware required to assemble it.

❌ The low lying back might cause discomfort among some customers.

4.   Best Leather Sofas on a Budget

The thought of finding a leather sofa under the headline of “Best sofas on a budget” might be unexpected to you. But who said you can never find a really good leather sofa that fits your pocket money? Keep scrolling to find some budgeted leather options to add that element of luxury in your living room.

A real leather sofa is going to cost you a fortune, but with so many alternate material options available, you can not only find an upholstery option that looks like leather but also feels and smells like the real one.

A leather sofa will add the essential smoothness and softness that your skin needs to feel against a sofa. If you want to invest in something that will stay there forever to cash in all your memories, look for a real leather sofa. It is easy to wipe and scuff free.

Below we bring you two options; real leather and a faux one. You can choose what fits your budget and interior without having to compromise on quality and comfort.

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11. Rivet Aiden Mid Century Leather Sofa

This original leather sofa is presented by renowned seller Rivet Aiden. You can have this high-quality cowhide upholstered sofa under 1000 dollars. It features a classic design that has been around for many years and promises to be around for many coming years as well.

The tufted seat or chaise, side rolled pillows and the stitch detail added to the arms are what makes it ideally mid-century-ish. The surface of the leather is deliberately given a rough and tough vintage look so you won’t have to worry about damaging or scuffing it accidentally. The more it is put into use, the more naturally withered it will look!

The leather is easy to care for and wipe with a top grain finish. The inner frame is a strong hardwood that provides extra strength.

Things we like:

✅ Top grain natural leather finish that gives it a mid-century look.

✅ The surface is easy to wipe.

✅ The upper chaise is reversible, thus always keeping the perfect side up for use.

✅ A hardwood frame provides strength. Even the legs are made with hardwood and their sleek shape balances the rectilinear shape of the frame.

✅ The silhouette is straight and sleek which breaks the monotony of heavy chunky leather sofa options available.

✅ The seller offers free 30 day returns and a 1-year warranty.

✅ Easy assembly in 15 minutes.

✅ Multiple color options are available all in neutral tones to make your choice easier.

✅ 24-inch seat depth making it comfortable to sit on.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The straight and clean lines of this sofa make it aesthetically appealing while observing it stand alone, but it is tricky to adjust it in an apartment with other furniture that is chunky and fabric upholstered. You might want to move things around this sofa, to make your investment worth it. Such great buys are best put into use when you make them look good by complementing your interior around it.

12. Faux Leather Convertible Sofa:

Next on the list is this highly budgeted faux leather option presented by Best Choice products. This is a convertible option that folds down to a futon. An additional feature of a cup holding compartment is also available.

For under 190 dollars, you can have a faux leather sofa and a bed with a great entertaining option of cup holding. The dimensions are ideal for small spaces with a weight capacity of about 500 pounds.

The silhouette is rectilinear with straight clean lines and minimum detail. The absence of side armrests makes the space look vast and doesn’t obstruct the view. The sleek profile fits right in your limited space and pocket.

Things we like:

✅ Functional futon, sofa, and the cupholder.

✅ Easy wipe surface.

✅ Zip storage at the base for storing legs or hardware.

✅ Sleek chrome-plated legs providing elevation to the seat for ease of cleanliness beneath.

✅ Quick assembly with included tools required.

✅ The back seat is capable of reclining as per requirement while used as a sofa.

Things we don’t like:

❌ Faux leather has its limitations when it comes to its maintenance over time. The surface might peel off in case of a hard rub.

Are these best sofas on a budget provide the required comfort?

The research for a sofa with everything you need is hard but not impossible. In a competitive market, you can find millions of options that are comfortable, durable and fit in your budget. We have shared with you all the best options from the amazon these provide the required comfort according to your budget.

Are best sofas on a budget compromise on quality?

With so many above options available readily, the manufacturers are evolving their materials to bring you a sofa that is durable, functional and fits your budget as well. Choose from our research, you can find some great sofas under a budget without compromising the offered quality.


We all have some limitations when it comes to an investment. Choices and requirements may vary from person to person but the main thing that concerns all is the price. You always see the price tag and wonder if it’s really worth this amount? 

With our comprehensive guide with all the listed pros and cons, the choice is easier. You now have access to various types of sofas on a budget.  Read out the features and offered aspects and then make the right choice!

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