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Top 10 Cheap Living Room Sets under $300,$500 and $700

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Looking for a cheap living room sets under $300, $500, $700?

Well, you found the right place. Our comfort savvy list of sectional living room sets under a budget will let you have all that you dream off without breaking the bank.

Cheap living room sets don’t have to be cheap in quality and style. Finding the right sectional sofa that offers ample seating within $300,$500 and $700 is hard but not impossible. The living room is the main area where you and your family spend quality time together. You all watch TV together, crack jokes together and share the day together on the comfort of the living room set. That living room set needs to be comfortable enough to sit for a long time and at the same time, it needs to be stylish enough to brag about.

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We will bring you a versatile list of the best and cheap sectional living room sets under $300,$500 and $700 separately to suit your monetary needs. And after choosing one of them, we will take a look at some great ideas to make your cheap living room sets under $300,$500 and $700 look expensive.

Cheap Living Room sets under $300:

The following options will offer you a great deal of having a complete living room set within a nominal price of $300.

1. Honbay Convertible Sectional couch:

They offer this living room set under $300. This is an L shaped sectional sofa with a long chaise. Such a couch is capable of strong presence that means you do not need to add more elements to make the seating area look complete. It offers three seats with an ottoman that allows configurable chaise. Its great for furnishing small living rooms with its adaptable space.

Some great features offered by this cheap living room sets under $300 are:

a. Style:

This sectional couch offers a contemporary L shaped orientation that is great for even small areas. Such a style can adapt to contemporary or modern settings easily.

b. Reversible Chaise:

The long chaise offered by this couch is reversible that means that you can use either side of it to set it at left or right. This feature makes it adaptable to an existing setting.

c. Dimensions:

Offering three seats, this sectional couch offers dimensions-78.5’’(L)*30.3’’(W)*35’’(H) with a weight capacity of 660 lbs.

d. Material:

The upholstery material is washable linen with hardwood frame and spring coil technology that prevents sagging. The pocket coils supported by serpentine spring mesh offer great and durable support.

e. Assembly:

Weighing 104.3 pounds, this sofa comes unassembled to pass through your hallway entrance easily. No tools are required for assembly and the process is easy.

2. Walsunny Convertible sectional sofa: ( Not Available)

They offer this cheap living room sets under $300 with three seats and a long chaise. Such an L shaped orientation is great for small spaces. The neutral grey colour allows a lot of room for decoration and set in an existing home scape. The seats are attached with a magic sticker to allow less movement. Such a design has a strong presence in a living room. With a limited budget, you can arrange this L shaped sectional as the centre-piece of your living room without having to add anything else to complement it.

Features offered by this cheap living room sets under $300 are:

a. Style:

This sectional sofa offers a rectilinear frame with a basic silhouette. The contemporary style with neutral grey shade makes it easy to adjust with the existing interior. The seats are firm with a relaxed posture.

b. Material:

The upholstery is modern linen with hardwood inner-frame. The seats are supported with pocket coils and serpentine springs that make them anti-sag and durable.

c. Dimensions:

Offering three seats and a long chaise, this sofa offers the dimensions 76.77’’(L)*49.4’’(W)*34.25’’(H) with a weight capacity of about 660 pounds. 

d. Assembly:

No tools needed and easy-to-follow instructions to assemble. Anyone can easily install it in 10 minutes.

e. Warranty:

Walsunny offers free exchange in case of installation issues, damaged or missing parts within one year. You can even refund or replace the product if you don’t like it within one month.

3. Lifestyle solutions Grayson sofa:

They present this sectional three-seater sofa that is a cheap living room sets under $300 dollars. It offers a contemporary grey microfiber sofa that is comfortable and affordable. This design has a bold presence. It offers ample seating with limited space without the extra chaise. The seats are chunky and the basic shape allows the easy pairing of chairs to complete the setting.

It offers:

a. Style:

The cotemporary shape is complemented with bold and small wooden legs. The tufted button detail at the back cushions enhances the aesthetics with flared side arms.

b. Material:

Its made with 100% polyester microfiber upholstery with hardwood legs and inner frame. Foam padding for seats supported by serpentine spring suspension offers high density and durability.

c. Dimensions:

The three-seater sofa offers 80.3″x32″x32.68″ dimensions with a weight capacity of about 790 pounds. 

d. Assembly:

The process of assembling is very easy and tool-less.

e. Complete set:

The seller sells a chair and a loveseat matched with this three-seater that can be purchased individually to complete the set for a larger setting.

Cheap Living Room sets under $500:

If you have a greater requirement of large seating space, you can choose one of the following living room sets under $500:

4. Poundex Bobkona Belinda sectional sofa:

To cater to the needs of a larger family, Poundex offers this four-seater sectional sofa with a long chaise. With ample seating, this sectional is a cheap living room sets under $500. Now you can have a comfortable lounging space without having to save money for it anymore. The sleek shape makes it easy to adjust in any area with limited space. Sectionals are sought after for their ease of adaptability and that is what makes them a safe buy.

Some brilliant features offered by this cheap living room sets under $500:

a. Style:

The sofa offers a contemporary silhouette where sleek wooden legs elevate the seats for better posture and negative sight space. The tufted detail at the back breaks the monotony of this basic design. The colour is light that tends to brighten up its environment.

b. Material:

The upholstery material is a linen-like poly fabric with foam-filled seats and back. Innerspring provides resilience and durability to the seats.

c. Variety:

The seller offers three great colours for this sectional; grey, beige and emerald. These variations in colours cater to every type of setting and customer preference.

d. Dimensions:

Providing four seats with a long chaise, this sofa bears the dimensions 80″ x 35″ x 33″ for chaise and 76″ x 35″ x 33″H for sofa.

e. Assembly:

The sofa involves an interlocking mechanism to keep all the sections intact. However, the sofa is easy to assemble. All the tools required for the assembling process are included in the package.

5. Signature Design by Ashley Alenya Sofa:

It is Designed by Ashley offers this chunky sectional three-seater sofa with neutral grey tone and contemporary silhouette. Style is basic with heavily padded seats that give this design a mid-century vibe. Low seats with bold small legs add a classic touch to this cheap living room sets under $500.

Some of the offered features are as follows:

a. Style:

The sofa offers a contemporary silhouette with a basic rectilinear frame and sleek armrests. The wooden legs are small but they add a durable and strong appeal to this basic design. With neutral earthen tones available, this style will go with any interior.

b. Material:

The upholstery material is soft polyester/ nylon microfiber with plush highly resilient cushions. The set includes two decorative pillows that contrast the dull background. 

c. Dimensions:

This design features three seats and measures 84″ W x 37.5″ D x 38.5″ H with a 20″ seat height. Exposed feet with a faux wood finish.

d. Assembly:

The sofa comes already assembled and the compact design fits through a 32-inch wide doorway. Since the package comes directly from the manufacturer without any third party involved, there are less mishandling issues.

e. Variety:

The sofa is offered in beige and grey colour with complementing sets including a loveseat and a queen sleeper sofa.

6. FDW Recliner Sofa Living Room Set: (Not Available)

FDW offers this affordable recliner that adds versatility to our list of cheap living room sets under $500. This is a manual recliner that lets you enjoy great family time in your comfort zone. Having a recliner set in a living room brags luxury and if you find such a luxury in your budget, what else are you waiting for.

a. Style:

This chunky recliner offers a basic silhouette that is classic for a leather recliner. The operation mechanism is manual using a lever at the side. The shiny black colour is soft to touch and easy to clean.

b. Material:

The upholstery material is Polyurethane with the wooden interior for seats and metallic clasps for reclining mechanism. High-density innerspring and foam padding makes it comfortable and durable.

c. Assembly:

The sofa is easy to assemble and no tools are required for the process. The recliner sofa is in pieces so the recliner Couch is easy to get in the 23″ door. The base of the PU Leather Sofa easily fit through the door with no problems. 

d. Dimensions:

Offering three seats to enjoy along, this recliner bears the dimensions 72.6 x 30.7 x 26.8 inches. It weighs about 158.8 pounds and offers a wall-hugging mechanism with just 2 inches required space against the wall to open fully.

e. Colors:

The seller offers this recliner in brown, matte brown and red colours as well.

Cheap Living Room sets under $700:

Couldn’t find the required sofa in the very limited budget? Don’t worry, look for some great options with great style under the following category of cheap living room sets under $700:

7. Poundex Upholstered sectional sofa:

They offer this sectional sofa that is a cheap living room sets under $700. With four seats and a long chaise, this sectional is suitable for a large family. It occupies enough space to leave some negative space around and at the same time, it offers a strong presence without the need of adding more furniture pieces to complement the setting. The contemporary style goes with any interior hassle-free.

Some great features offered by this cheap living room set under $700 are:

a. Style:

This sectional sofa offers a basic cotemporary style with a rectilinear frame. L shaped sofa makes it easier to adjust in a corner or even hand in the centre without occupying much space.

b. Material:

Designer carefully selected linen-like upholstery fabric for wearability, seam strength, beauty and comfort. Seat cushions are filled with foam and innerspring for durability and comfort

c. Reversible chaise:

The US patented reversible chaise makes you use this sectional either as left hand oriented or right-hand oriented sofa. 

d. Dimensions:

With four seats and a long chaise, this sectional sofa offers the dimensions: Reversible L/R Chaise-84 x 34 x 35 H inches, Sofa- 70 x 34 x 35 H inches, Cocktail Ottoman-35 x 24 x 19 H inches.

e. Assembly:

It requires tools for assembly that are included in the delivery package.

8. Beverly Fine Furniture Sectional Sofa Set:

Beverly Fine Furniture offers this cheap living room sets under $700 with four seats, a long chaise and an ottoman. You can get this complete set for furnishing your living room within a great budget. This particular design is white but you can select from multiple colours offered by the seller. The faux leather gives a posh look with ease of cleaning.

Let’s take a look at the offered features by this cheap living room sets under $700:

a. Style:

This sectional set offers a basic contemporary shape with a rectilinear frame that will adjust with any interior. The white colour will brighten up any space and with the moisture-proof surface, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. The sofa offers a classic yet modern look.

b. Material:

The upholstery is a faux leather PU/PVC. The inner frame is made with a sturdy frame complemented with two accent pillows. 

c. Dimensions:

Offering three seats, one corner seat and along with chaise with ottoman, this sectional sofa bears the dimensions Sofa: 71.5″ X 32″ X 35″H, Chaise: 74.5″ 32 X35″H, Ottoman: 37 X24.5 X 16.5″H. Overall Dimensions: 103.5″ X 74.5″ X35″H.

d. Variety:

Since the chaise is not reversible, the seller offers different articles for different orientations. This design is available in white, black, brown and burgundy colors.

e. Storage:

With the ease of cleaning, stylish design and comfortable semi tufted style, this sectional set comes with an ottoman that features storage space inside.  

9. Poundex F7877 Bobkona Shelton 2 piece sofa set:

They offer this cheap living room sets under $700 that includes a three-seater sofa with a loveseat to complement your living room. The beautiful navy colour enhances the decore with its unusual tone. Nailhead trims accentuate the silhouette with straight tufted design for the back. This contemporary design gives a classic vibe with details.

Some great features offered by this cheap living room sets under $700 are:

a. Style:

This set offers a contemporary classical style that goes with every interior when stylised well. The dark tone has a strong presence with a bold design. Nailhead trims in contrasting colour add an aesthetic appeal to this design.

b. Material:

Inner seat cushions are filled with foam and spring for durability and comfort. The upholstery is smooth finishes bonded leather that is durable and looks luxurious as well.

c. Dimensions:

With a three-seater sofa and a loveseat, the offered dimensions are 78x 35x 37 inches weighing about 188 pounds.

d. Accent pillows:

This great bargain comes with four accent pillows to enhance comfort and aesthetics.

e. Assembly:

The assembling process is easy without the use of any tools.

10. Poundex F7858 Bobkona Aria two piece sofa set:

It presents another great cheap living room sets under $700 to dock up your living space with a two-seater sofa and a complementing loveseat. The tufted back adds an appeal to this contemporary frame. Low wooden legs with chunky design make this sectional seater look comfortable.

Let’s take a detailed look at the offered features:

a. Style:

This sofa set offers a contemporary design with a neutral grey colour and tufted detail at the back. Four extra cushions are a part of the deal with added comfort and detail.

b. Material:

The upholstery material is linen-like microfiber with foam-filled cushions and inner spring for durability.

c. Dimensions:

With four seats provided overall, the dimensions are 72x 35x 37 inches. The overall weight of this sofa is 179 pounds.

d. Assembly:

The assembly is easy with no tools required.

e. Details:

The back is tufted in a square design with block twisted wooden legs. Sidearms are basic rectangular with four square cushions added.

How to make a cheap living room sets look like a million bucks?

Buying a cheap living set does not have to make it look like bought from a thrift store or a hand me down. You can try some tips and tricks to decorate your sectional set look like it cost you a fortune.

1. Pair it with rugs and throws:

If you played it safe with a neutral-toned sofa, you can always choose a funky rug or a surface throw to decorate it. A carpet or rug placed beneath a sofa enhances the upholstery and highlights the element placed over it.

Similarly, a throw placed on the sidearm makes a basic sofa eye-catching. A throw can always be functional for use as a comfort blanket and can help in adding aesthetic appeal to the sofa.

2. Add cushions:

Adding patterned cushions on the sofa add comfort as well as aesthetic appeal to the sofa sets. You can always maximise the back support using those cushions and can break the monotony of a solid coloured sofa with a textured cushion.

3. Add an accent:

Buying earthen or grey tones is always a safe idea while purchasing a sofa. You can either add accent tone in cushions or throws to highlight the sofa. Or you can buy an accent coloured upholstery for side chairs to highlight the area.

4. Add a wall picture:

Invest in a low heightened back and place the sofa beside a wall. You can complement the look by adding a colourful picture behind the sofa to make it stand out and look complete.

5. Add decoration on tables:

If your living room sets come with side tables or an ottoman, BINGO! You can use the surface to place a decorative piece that complements the look and makes the whole area look posh. Use can add accent tones in vases or flowers.

6. Add a planter:

Adding a lush green planter behind a grey sofa can never go wrong. It adds to the contemporary and minimal vibe while the plants working its way to purify the air around you.

7. Paint the legs according to the frame:

Wooden legs always look more expensive than the chrome ones. Most of the expensive sofas bear the same toned legs as the upper frame. You can paint the legs to match the upholstery to make it look expensive.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Cheap Living Room Set 

Before buying a cheap living room sets under $500, there are certain factors you must consider. Some of these essential factors include the size of your space and how long you’ll be living there. Even though getting a sofa and loveseat sets under $500 is a pocket-friendly deal, the wrong arrangement could make your investment look like a waste.

Take some time to imagine and plan out the space to know what you can fit, the right colours and patterns you prefer, and what shape of sofa you truly need before you go out and spend your money. It may appear to be plain sense, but it is crucial to do it first. You may believe you have enough room for a couch and a pair of easy chairs. However, the last thing you want to do is go shopping for cheap living room sets under $700 without knowing how big those items should be, or worse, buy something that you’ll have to squeeze into your space.

If you already know what you want to put in a room, one trick that will work for you each time you want to buy cheap living room sets under $500 is to template your furniture with lego or pieces of paper. Measure your space to know how much room you have for your sofa and loveseat sets under $500. Even better, draw everything down on graph paper and bring it with you when you go shopping for cheap living room sets under $700, so you can compare your measurements to the size of your selected furniture. Webapps like Design Your Dorm, Google Sketchup, IKEA Planner, and Floorplanner can be helpful to the tech-savvy. Once you know your dimensions, you automatically have a good picture of what you want to put in your living room; then, you can make things fit your budget.

The next item you have to consider when shopping for cheap living room sets under $500 is how long you intend to stay in your new location. There’s this assumption that if you can’t commit to a career route for half a decade, then it’s not a path. You can consider your living space in the same way. Keep in mind the duration of time you plan to live there, regardless of your budget or eye for quality. There’s some sense in opting for sofa and loveseat sets under $500 rather than spending your money on pricey pieces sized for the house you just moved into if you know you’ll be leaving for somewhere else in a year—especially if you don’t know where you’ll be moving to. If you plan on staying for a few years—say, three to five—you’ll want some durable, high-quality cheap living room sets under $700.

The guideline of “purchase with the amount of time you plan to live in your home in mind” is fantastic, but it fails in one area: parts of the house where you spend most of your time. The Comfort Principle is a good name for this. Even if you’re buying a cheap sofa, it is great to purchase one that you’ll actually use. Never opt for a living room set if you never sit in the living room or have guests over. It’s as good as a waste of funds.

How long should a cheap living room sets under $500 last

Shopping for a cheap or affordable living room set doesn’t mean The durability isn’t a subject of concern. There are lots of people who opt to change their couch merely because they have decided to redecorate. This is obvious from the number of couches and sofas in excellent shape at second-hand stores, thrift stores, and consignment shops.

However, after you take a look at the number of couches dumped on the curb on garbage day, you’ll realise that many individuals choose to replace their couch or sofa when the arms break off and the cushions begin to explode.

Between the two, there appears to be a suitable middle ground. The typical life of a couch or sofa purchased nowadays is seven to fifteen years, so your affordable furniture should be able to serve you that long.

Check to be sure your chosen sofa is in good condition. If you’re ordering from Amazon or some other online shopping platform, it is great to read reviews of your selected sofa. Of course, there could be a few fake reviews, but you’ll find a few honest customers who may save you the troubles of buying weak furniture.


Looking for a cheap living room sets under $300,$500 and $700 can be tricky. You might not find the perfect sofa to match your requirements under a budget. Hopefully, our savvy guide will provide you with a number of options that serve you comfortable seating space within your pocket money.

You can always modify and craft your cheap living room sets to make it look expensive using our handy guide. Evoke the interior designer in you and search for a budgeted option to make it look like a million bucks.

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