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Difference between the Futon and Sofa bed

Digging all the difference between the futon and sofa bed!

Looking for an economic solution for your apartment? Well, it can be a sleeper sofa under 300 or a futon.

Imagine moving into a new place and having a party in order to get to know your surroundings. But, somehow you have invited more than a decent number of people who need to be accommodated. What came into your mind first? A futon or a sofa bed? And now you start comparing the difference between the futon and sofa bed!

Well, worry not. We are here to answer all your queries.

And, hence, to help you decide what would go best for a situation like this!

But before knowing the difference between the futon and sofa bed, a bit background would suffice

What is FUTON?


A futon has two elements; a mattress and a duvet, that can be folded. Hence, the folding gives them a couch-y appearance.

Futon comes in different sizes and thicknesses.

What is the SOFA BED?

A sofa bed is typically a couch that holds seating cushions, underneath which hides a metal frame and a thin mattress that can be unfolded or opened up to make a bed.

difference between the futon and sofa bed

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However, the uses of both: Futon and Sofa Bed are essentially similar.


But, there are a few advantages and disadvantages that they have over each other. Let’s go into the discussion with details about the difference between the futon and sofa bed


The two vary a lot in structure.

A futon is both; a bed and a couch at the same time. Easily convertible to either a bed or a couch as per your need. They have a foldable structure and the frame consists of mattress’ coating. Futon, however, has varying levels of mattresses and firmness. No bars or frames found in their structure. However, to convert it into a bed, the unfolding of mattress is necessary.

The sofa, on the other hand, has an entirely different structure from a futon. It is like a normal sofa but contains metal bars underneath. These metal bars are for the support of a mattress that resides in it. The metal bars can easily be pulled out and the sofa can be used. The mattress used is although thinner as compared to the futon.

However, you can even search for a Sofa Bed for Studio Apartment. Although it might take a little more effort than the futon.


The futon is comfortable to sleep on, as due to the varying level of firmness. The choice of material is of organic cotton and wool in the construction. These materials make futons a good choice to sleep on ranging up to several nights. However, the fact that it is a futon can never be hidden. Therefore, it might cause a little uncomfortability when in a sitting position. However, they are easy to move around.


On the other hand, a sofa bed can also provide good comfort but it may not be sufficient for long hours of sleep. They have a comparatively thinner mattress which may lose its form after some time. The deformation results in the revelation of the bars and makes sleeping uncomfortable.

You can even go for some of the best comfortable sofa bed for daily use

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The futon is comparatively less expensive than the sofa bed. They are easy on the pocket and also have varieties to entertain everyone.

Whereas, the sofa bed is an expensive choice. Although it does offer a variety it would take a lot of energy to look for a suitable one for your home.


The futons provide an option for upholstery and you can choose the type, thickness, and even the material. It helps you to create an even better option for your theme.

Whereas, there is no such option on the sofa bed. Since the metal or wooden frames are fixed and do not allow upholstery. And the change would cost a handful of money.


Talking about futon it is not a hard job to clean it. Since the cover are sometimes removable and this makes it easier to clean.

However, the covers of sofa beds are fixed which causes the basic difficulty in cleaning it.


As we know that futon has a minimalistic look and size. Futons are adjustable and thus are a good choice for small spaces. They are compact and hence, light in weight. This lightweight comes from the absence of metal bars as seen in sofa beds. However, a setup is required for a futon and you might need a hand in that.

Sofa bed takes up a bit more space as compared to a futon. Hence, the set up is a bit difficult. The sofa bed should be placed in a spacious place as it is a larger piece of furniture. However, it does not require any setup process. All you have to do is pick it up and place it at the right spot of your home.

difference between the futon and sofa bed


A futon can easily be recognized by seeing that it is a futon, no one can be deceived. So, its simple assembling and look make it easier to be placed anywhere in your home.

Whereas, sofa beds are a bit tricky when it comes to design and has a lot that indicates it as a sofa bed. Therefore, it looks good when placed with other furniture pieces and in a spacious place. A drawing room can be a good option for that.


Affordable choice I bought a low-quality futon then the cotton may accumulate with time and become uncomfortable
Portable Thin mattresses
Dual purpose, that is it can be converted into a bed and a sofa as well  
Takes up little space in your home  
Easy to clean  


Variety in sizes and designs Expensive as compared to the futon
Convenient to use Hard to clean
No assembling required The mattress may deform after some time of use


PRICE Cheap Expensive
CLEANING Easy Difficult
LOOKS Normal Great


However, as seen that each of them have their own pros and cons. It all comes down to the choice of an individual that depends upon multiple factors. Like, the size of your home, the decor and rest of the furniture, the theme of the furniture, the level of comfortability wanted and the money one can invest.

Although the overall decision is yours only, after the read you are aware of all the differences between the futon and sofa bed. This would help you in choosing what’s right and suitable.

Keeping in mind the pros of a futon, you may choose it but if you wanna go for something that matches your theme then the sofa bed is a much better choice. However the reality here is, keeping everything in mind, what would you prefer?

If you have any other questions regarding this whole scenario or you want to share your experience. You are more than welcome.

Please let us know in the comment section below.

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