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Top 10 Dual Reclining Sofa with Cup Holders

What do you see yourself lying in? Won’t a dual reclining sofa with cup holders to hold your evening coffee sound just perfect?

You come home from work after a tiring day and feel like winding out. You switch the TV on and instantly feel like lying down on the couch.

A reclining sofa is a luxurious addition to your living room that will provide comfort with lots of functionality. Contrasting to a sleeper sofa, you have a contained piece of furniture that shifts you from sitting to lying down with the toggle of a button. The electronic power recliners do not even require you to get up for seat adjustment. It’s all button-operated and smooth.

But before we move on to the actual options available, don’t we all want to know what exactly a recliner sofa does and means?

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Best Dual Reclining Sofa with Cup Holders:

Now that we have got a detailed review of what to have and what to neglect in a recliner sofa, it’s time to call your inner lazy self out because these brilliant options are going to provide you a comfort that none other sofas ever did!

1. Seatcraft Omega Home Theatre Power Recliner:

Pioneering our list of dual-powered recliners is this beautiful shiny black option offered by Seatcraft. The contemporary style of this sofa is accentuated with stitch details on top grain leather.

This recliner offers the features of a home theatre in terms of its functionality. A powered headrest allows complete reclining of footrests as well as the back.

The center backrest can be folded down to unravel a new plethora of functionalities. The middle back offers 2 USB ports, AC power switch, wireless charging station and even reading lights. This high tech pack is ideal for teenagers who enjoy a movie every weekend.

It offers comfortable three seats with a cup holding option at either armrest however, if you plan to seat two people, you can avail the complete entertainment system by folding the middle seat down.

Things we like:

✅ Leather Gel upholstery giving the look of top grain leather.

✅ Fold-down table with USB ports, Charging station and utensil tray.

✅ Basic contemporary silhouette to complement your interior.

✅ Heavily padded seats for extreme comfort.

✅ Dimensions: 43″ H x 84″ W x 37″ L, reclined length 65″ L, seat depth 22″, seat height 20

Things we don’t like:

❌ Since the leather is faux, expect some peeling and flaking after some use especially at the trims.

2. Seatcraft Anthem Home Theatre Power Recliner:

Runner up in this list is another brilliant option presented by Seatcraft. This article is quite similar to the Omega one mentioned above but trust me its better and more luxurious!

It offers dual-powered reclining headrest and footrest. With the mere press of a button, you can shift from sitting to lying. It features the famous middle seat fold down to reveal center revolving table, cupholders, hidden arm storage, USB ports, AC charging plug and reading lights. Another lighted option it adds is the ambient lighting feature that adds a lit floor beneath the seats.

This is a full packed entertainment station with great top-grain quality leather used for upholstery. The surface is smooth and soft to sit on. The seats are chunky and quilted that add to the aesthetic appeal of this recliner.

Things we like:

✅ Centerfold down table providing charging station, USB ports and revolving tray.

✅ Sidearm cup holding option.

✅ Great back support with powered reclining.

✅ DIMENSIONS: 86″ wide, 43″ tall, 42″ long when upright, 71″ long when fully reclined, 21″ seat depth, 5.5″

✅ It comes packed in a compact way that allows the packages to be transported through your entrance.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The use of excessive lights might be subjective to people who like to watch a movie in the pitch dark.

3. Homelegance Pecos Sectional Power Recliner:

Next on the list is this gigantic sectional recliner set offered by a reputable seller Homelegance. The seller provides a variety of options for you to choose from. It’s available from 3 or 4  piece power sets as well as manual ones. It’s a great piece that can serve all your comfort and functionality needs all in one. With this set serving a central piece in your home, you don’t have to worry about furnishing the space anymore.

A choice of two more colors is available; red and grey. The upper surface is shiny and smooth with the use of leather gel upholstery. Though the picture gives you a delusion that its genuine leather, it is not. But it’s very hard to tell the difference due to the high quality.

The seats are comfortable yet sturdy with the use of foam inside. The foam works well to retain the shape and does not let it sag overtime.

LED lights and USB ports are available at the sides for added functionality. The middle seat even offers the cup holding feature for you to enjoy a cup of tea while relaxing.

Things we like:

✅ Cup holders and USB charging ports available.

✅ Great dimensions with 95x105x39 inches.

✅ Foam inner cushions that are anti-sag.

✅ Lustrous gel leather upholstery

Things we don’t like:

❌ No extra storage is available.

 4. Signature Design by Ashley Turbulence recliner sofa:

Signature by Ashley’s designs offer this three-seater dual power recliner. The faux leather in black gives a rough and tough vintage look. Surface is smooth and shiny that is easy to wipe. This chunky sofa will add comfort to your living room with its strong presence. The laid back look of the faux leather finish promises not to overshadow your interior.

The stitched detail in contrasting colors adds to its appeal along with the numerous other features. The central seat folds down to open a new dimension full of gadgets. The fold-down consists of two USB ports, A AC charging station, two cup holders and two reading lights. A hidden compartment for extra storage also comes in handy under the middle arm.

The power buttons enable a smooth transition from sitting to lying. It comes unassembled to fit through your entrance doors. However straight from manufacturer delivery ensures the safety and efficient assembly.

Things we like:

✅ Central fold-down compartment offering charging station and cup holders.

✅ Neutral colors are available with contrasting stitch detail.

✅ Comfortable back support with power button control.

✅ High resiliency foam cushion wrapped in thick poly fiber.

Things we don’t like:

❌ Faux leather requires careful use so as not to scuff it.

5. Homelegance Manual Double Glider Recliner

Homelegance presents this loveseat with a center cup holding option. The sturdy black faux leather adds to the strong look. The reclining mechanism is dual allowing head and footrest to recline. However, it is not operated with a power button, the operation is manual.

Gel leather is used for upholstery on a wooden frame. The recliner is operated manually and cannot be set against a wall since it requires space to open up fully. The center portion serves as a comfortable armrest as well as cup holder.

White contrasting stitches over black leather make it aesthetically appealing. The cushions are attached and wrapped in Dacron. It weighs sturdy 161 pounds but is still lighter than metallic frame bearing sofas.

Things we like:

✅ Two seats are available with ample limb space.

✅ Two Cup Holders offered in the center.

✅ Faux gel leather that is easy to wipe.

✅ It can bear up to 300 pounds of weight.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The wooden frame makes it not as strong as a metal one.

❌ The manual operation might not be convenient for many adults.

6. Homelegance Amite Leather Gel Recliner:

Homelegance Amite 119″ x 119″ Leather Gel Power Reclining Sectional Sofa, Beige

Homelegance being an old seller, knows how to cater to customer’s needs well. That is why they bring you this brilliant white recliner sofa option in white. The leather gel upholstery gives a smooth feel and finishes that are easy to care for. The composition is 90% polyester 10% polyurethane.

The seats are made sturdy yet comfortable with the use of foam padding. The foam does not let it sag with time and retains shape. The inner frame is plywood however the seats are made with metal. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this is a durable yet affordable recliner offering 6 to 7 seats.

Pocket coil construction with Dacron and foam composition provides stronghold to the seats. The recliner features USB ports, two storage compartments, and 4 cup holders.

Things we like:

✅ It saves space by requiring only a 3.15-inch space against the wall.

✅ Six or seven seats are available which are enough to occupy the complete living room.

✅ It’s heavy and durable with 376 pounds.

✅ Cup Holding option with USB ports

✅ Comfortable seats with plush padding.

Things we don’t like:

❌ It offers no extra light and the sections are not adjustable.

7. Homelegance Laurelton Microfiber Loveseat:

Homelegance strikes again with this beautiful microfiber chocolate colored recliner. The chunky contemporary silhouette is here to be an active member of your homescape. Without taking too much space, this loveseat will add the necessary comfort in your living room.

Oversized seats and back offer extra support while sitting. the recliner offers dual reclining motion with the help of a lever. It features a manual working mechanism but is easy to operate.

The two cup holders and two cozy seats are perfect for a couple. The sofa is not wall-hugging and requires space to fully recline the seat. You need to give it ample space for the setting. It weighs hefty 200 pounds however, it’s lighter than its competitors.

Things we like:

✅ Homelegance offers this sofa in three earthen colors.

✅ The contemporary style matches every interior.

✅ Measures 79″ x 40″ x 40″H.

✅ Chunky and heavy padded cushions and seats

Things we don’t like:

❌ No USB charging station or storage space is available.

❌ It offers basic manual functions only.

8. Delange Reclining Power Sofa:

This comfortable and extremely functional recliner is offered by Coaster Home Furnishings. The faux leather gives it a great luxurious appeal. The surface is smooth and easy to wipe. It’s composed of 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane.

It offers complete entertainment with the middle seat folding down to reveal a variety of functionalities. If you use it as a two-seater, you can avail USB charging ports, AC plugs and even LED lights to guide you. A revolving tray with two cup holders is also a part of the package.

This recliner is a wall hugger in the sense that it only requires a 4-inch space to fully open. An additional feature is the opening armrest. Two storage compartments are available hidden beneath the armrest. This is not a small sofa, either measuring up at 85 inches long x 41 inches deep x 42 inches tall.

Things we like:

✅ Dual powered recliner with functional headrest and footrest. You can even adjust the height of the headrest according to you.

✅ Faux leather is easy to wipe.

✅ Included storage compartments, charging station and utensil tray.

✅ Wall hugger with minimum space required to function.

Things we don’t like:

❌ It’s a chunky and heavy sofa that cannot be moved easily.

9. Christies Home Living 6 piece Recliner Sofa:

Your living room calls for a family seating option and everyone wants the most comfortable seat. Well, consider this problem solved with this 6 seater recliner sofa offered by Christies Home.

Made with faux leather, the surface is smooth and easy to maintain. It offers three recliners 1 at each end along with an additional armless recliner in the middle. A great storage compartment is also available between the two middle seats. Its large enough to host your remote controllers and chargers.

It’s a bulky sectional sofa weighing more than 400 pounds with dimensions 200x40x41. Built-in cup holders are also a part of the deal. The metallic frame provides it strength and durability.

Things we like:

✅ A large comfortable sectional sofa for the whole family.

✅ Great storage space for storing necessary items.

✅ Easy to wipe the surface.

✅ Chunky seats and headrest.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The footrest of almost every recliner needs to be handled with care. You should not climb up through the footrest as it is flimsy with poor support.

10. Signature Design by Ashley Warnerton Power Recliner Loveseat:

Signature Design by Ashley presents this cotemporary modern smooth faux leather sofa. The silky surface is complemented with stitch details that add to the aesthetics of this design. The backrest is enhanced with lattice quilted pattern at the backrest.

This powered recliner comes with 4 cupholders and an adjustable headrest. The seller offers three variations in sizes including loveseat, three-seater sofa, and a recliner chair. You can mix and match these sections to furnish your complete living room.

The silky surface looks leather but its composition is 75% polyester and 25% polyurethane. The seats are puffed with high resiliency foam and are anti-sag.  Measuring 72inches Wide by 39.5inches Deep by 44inches Height, with a fully reclined length of 68.5inches, this loveseat sets perfectly by a couch or accent chair in your space.

Things we like:

✅ Powered headrest providing dual functionality.

✅ The sofa comes assembled as a whole and you get a power cord for free.

✅ The middle compartment opens up to reveal storage space.

✅ Side armrests are kept chunky yet rectilinear for added comfort.

Things we don’t like:

❌ Powered recliners require an electric output unit to function, so you have to place it near a socket.

What is a recliner sofa?

As the name suggests, a reclining sofa has the capability to lean the backrest down at a lower angle while bringing your footrest upward. With the movement of a switch, you can change your position from sitting to lying without actually having to get up.

What does a dual reclining sofa with cupholders mean?

A dual reclining sofa refers to a powered reclining mechanism that allows the backrest as well as the footrest to shift angles. The word dual implies two functions i.e. headrest recline and footrest recline.

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However, there are three types of reclining mechanisms available:

Manual Reclining Sofa

A manual reclining sofa allows you to shift the seat position with the help of a lever or shaft. You pull the lever downwards or upwards to adjust your back or footrest. This mechanism is not as smooth and requires relatively more physical exertion.

Powered Reclining Sofa

A powered recliner allows you to shift the position of your seat using a power button. You just press the button with your fingers and the backrest and footrest start shifting like butter. The transition is quite smooth, however, a powered recliner needs an electric connection to function.

Adjustable Recliner Sofa

An adjustable recliner might seem like a regular futon sofa. It adds the functionality of manually adjusting the backrest hinged somewhere between the seat and back. You can tilt the back with levers however, most of the options do not come with footrests. These kinds of recliners are reasonably priced with minimum functionality.

What is a dual reclining sofa with cup holders?

Having learned about the working mechanisms offered by different types of recliners, we still have this ambiguity in mind that what does a “dual reclining sofa” refers to?

Well, don’t fuss much about it. A dual reclining sofa refers to a powered reclining mechanism that allows the backrest as well as the footrest to shift angles. The word dual implies two functions i.e. headrest recline and footrest recline.

This is the most sought after and functional option available in the market. Add in the cup holding feature and voila! You have got the best dual reclining sofa with cup holders to satiate your comfort needs.

Is a dual reclining sofa with cup holders powered or manual?

A dual recliner could be powered or manual as per the seller offers. The “Dual” mechanism refers to adjustable head and footrest which could be found in a manual or a powered mechanism.

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What to look for in a reclining sofa with cup holders?

Now that we know what type of reclining sofa to look for, we need to search on the different aspects of a perfect reclining sofa.


By size, we mean the size of the sofa as well as the available space. You need to observe how many people are going to be sitting on the recliner in a living room. You need to measure the available space as well as the required number of seats. After examining your available space, you need to be clear on the size of the recliner offered by the seller.

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Work mechanism or ergonomics:

As discussed before, we need to be sure about the working mechanism of the recliner. Whether it is powered, manual or adjustable. A recliner without comfort is pointless so be sure regarding the ergonomics of design as well. A round head cushion provides better neck support while watching TV. Round side armrests provide better cushioning. Spring suspension inner frame provides a durable surface to sit on.

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Reclining position:

Recliners come with varying recline ability. Some offer a stationary seat with moving back and footrest. Others come with the ability to even tilt the complete chair at 180 degrees to lie down just like a floating bed. A few adjustable recliners come with only movable backrest and no footrest available.

Construction Material:

The upper upholstered layer is mostly responsible for providing a comfortable and smooth surface. Leather is the most popular choice for recliners since it provides a clean and smooth surface that gives the notion of strong material. A piece of jute or polyester is a cheaper option but it would not be that comfortable due to less plush and cushioning available.

Wood is probably the weakest material to be used in recliners due to it sturdiness and lee mobility. Most of the comfiest options come in metallic frames.

Additional Features:

Modern recliners come with a variety of additional features. Along with head and footrest, they come with reading lights, USB ports, cup holders, plugs and whatnot.

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Final Verdict:

Having reviewed some of the best options available to suit your comfort and functionality, we have a broader spectrum to choose from. Choosing between functionality and comfort is not confusing anymore. Our carefully researched products will let you have it all!

Carefully read the guidelines regarding what aspects to keep in mind while searching for a perfect recliner and make a choice tailored to your needs. Our handy guide of Dual reclining sofa with cup holders promises to deliver a product worth your money and time!

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