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High-Quality Leather Sofa Vs Low-Quality Leather Sofa

Difference between a high-quality leather sofa and a low quality leather sofa

The quality of any sofa depends upon a number of factors including an inner frame, spring suspension, trims, reinforcement techniques and of course the upholstery.

In case of a leather sofa, a number of things need to be taken into consideration other than the basic ones. There are multiple types of leathers and then multiple types of finishes. And then there is “faux” leather. The modern evolution of manufacturing techniques makes it harder to distinguish real from a fake one.

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Let’s take a look at some aspects that distinguish a good quality leather sofa from a low one.

1.    Price:

Well, it’s a common perception that a high-quality sofa will have a higher price whereas a low-quality one will have a lower price. Genuine leather is probably the most expensive option when it comes to upholstery. So a real leather sofa is going to cost you a fortune whereas a faux one can be negotiated into the budget.

2.    The smell of Leather:

Genuine leather has a distinct smell. The smell is associated with the tanning process of a real hide. Faux leather does not go through the tanning process so its smell is not very distinct. A high-quality leather sofa will be made of genuine leather so it would house a distinct smell whereas the low-quality sofa made with faux leather has no particular smell.

3. Inner frame:

The quality of a sofa depends on the quality of the frame used inside majorly. The base needs to be strong to host strong upholstery. A high-quality sofa would have a hardwood frame. A low-quality sofa would have a low-quality frame like plywood or laminated wood.

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4.    Weight:

A high-quality leather sofa would be heavy with a strong frame. A heavy sofa can bear heavyweight as well. Whereas a low-quality sofa would be lighter with a lightweight frame and its not very durable over time.

5.    Trims:

A great way to judge the quality of a sofa is to observe the trims. Often the manufacturers pair up a good seat with cheap trims to balance the price. However, a high-quality sofa will bear high-quality trims as well. be sure to look for the details and aesthetics. High-quality sofas would bear high-quality trims like studs, nailheads and rivets etc.

6.    Texture:

A high-quality sofa will have a smooth texture. Faux leather has a laminated surface that is not as smooth as a high-quality surface. You can feel the richness of the multiple layers of high-quality leather when you move your hand against it.

7.    The reverse surface of leather:

If the sofa has an unfinished surface to expose, you can always check the backside of the leather to spot the quality. Genuine leather has a rough and untanned surface at the back with raised fibres. Whereas laminated PU or PVC will have a homogeneous and smooth surface at the back. The thickness of the leather tells a lot about the quality as well. if the upholstery leather is thick, it’s going to last you a while and bear the scuff, whereas a thin surface will give you a tough time while maintaining it.

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