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How to Measure a Sectional Sofa?

A sectional sofa is so common and functional that now a living room feels incomplete without it. However, buying a sectional sofa is not as easy as any regular sofa. 

A sectional sofa is a large piece of furniture that needs ample empty space to fit in. unlike a regular loveseat or three-seater sofa, it has more than one dimension that needs to be taken account in terms of space availability. Thus it makes measuring a sectional sofa and the available space a crucial part of the purchase.

A sectional sofa can be measured in two manners:

1. The Number of seats:

By the number of seats we refer to the available seating positions it offers. A sectional sofa can be;

a.    Small 2-piece sectional sofa:

These are usually L shaped sofas that include a loveseat and a chaise or two loveseats conjoined. It consists of two modules that can be oriented at the left or right facing arm.

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b.    Mid-sized 3 pieces sectional sofa:

This consists of three modules that can be configured as two loveseats with one long chaise or two loveseats joined with a corner seat. It usually comes in U shape or Curved. It’s great seating space for large living rooms with 6 to 7 people being accommodated.

c.    Large 4,5 and 6 pieces sectional sofa:

These sectionals occupy a large space and can host 7 to 8 individuals at a time. They are great for hosting movie nights and parties. You can usually find them in U shape or Curved. They also come with recliners and sleeper options to add functionality.

2. Length, width, and depth:

Another and probably the most effective way of measuring a sectional sofa is measuring the three dimensions in inches. The standard dimensions for a sectional sofa vary from type to type however, there are some common ranges to get an idea of standard dimensions of a sectional sofa.

How to Measure a Sectional Sofa?
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a.    Standard dimensions of a sectional with equal sides:

A sectional sofa with two modules will have about 5 seats. Two at each side and one in the middle as the corner seat. The average dimension of such a sectional will be 95 inches by 95 inches or 98 inches by 98 inches. The depth of the seat might vary from 37 to 40 inches.

b.    Standard dimensions of a sectional sofa with a chaise:

Sectional sofa with chaise is a popular choice as it allows feet elevation. A typical sectional with chaise will provide you 7 seats. The average depth of such a sofa is 37 to 40 inches. The length may vary with the number of seats however a 7 seater sectional with long chaise measures 195 to 215 inches.

c.    Standard Dimensions of a three-seater sectional sofa:

A typical three seater sectional will consist of two basic seats with a long chaise. The total width will be measured from the back of the sofa to front of the chaise cushion with an average between 68 to 72 inches. The average depth can be 37 to 40 inches. The average length of such a small sectional sofa can vary between 78 to 88 inches.

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