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9 Best Untold Leather Sofa Cleaning Tips

There are 9 best-untold leather sofa cleaning tips.

A leather sofa is a big investment that quickly becomes the centre of attention in any room. Having invested great thought and money while buying a sofa, you want to preserve its beauty and comfort. After all, a good quality leather sofa has the capability to be passed as an heirloom.

Genuine leather with a smooth finish is the easiest one to care for. Its silky surface does not hold on dust and becomes easy to wipe off. If you have pets or children around, it’s always better to invest in a smooth finished genuine leather sofa since its easier to maintain than a faux one. 

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Having a leather sofa with a smooth top-grain finish is a breeze to clean. Follow this routine below and your leather couch is going to last you longer than you think. Check Top 10 Best Wood Framed Leather Sofa for easy to maintain and durable leather couches.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Tips

1. Cleaning Liquid Spills:

The moisture-proof surface makes it spill-free. Just mop the liquid with a damp cloth and its as good as new.

2. Dust it Daily:

Clean it with a microfiber duster daily for keeping it dust-free. Leather is hypoallergenic since its breathable and does not hold on dust.

3. Use specialised products:

For Cleaning and maintaining the surface of leather, use the products designated for leather. Multi-surface cleaners might be harsh to the surface and might remove the upper tanned layer.

4. Condition your couch:

The leather surface consists of oils that keep the surface soft and nourished. Daily use can deplete the surface off those oils that can cause drying and peeling. Invest in some nourishing leather creams or sprays that can replenish the lost finish and oils on the skin.

5. Keep the sofa away from heat and sun:

Direct sunlight or heat from the heater can wither the surface of leather. Make sure you don’t place your couch too near to a heating device or in direct sunlight coming to form the window. 

6. Buff the surface regularly:

Buffing refers to slight rubbing the surface to bring out oils and natural shine. Specialised buffers can be bought from stores or a basic microfiber cleaner cloth would do. Try using circular motions against the grain of the hide to unveil inner moisture and shine.

7. Watch out for sharp objects and scuff:

Though the leather surface is tough, a sharp object like a pencil heel can cut through the upper layer and reveal a slight scuff. Buffing the scuff mark might help slightly, however, you can invest in leather fillers to do the job.

8. Grease stains:

Grease stains will worsen upon cleaning with water. For a slight stain, wipe off the excess with a dry absorbent cloth and then buff it slightly will microfiber. Then let a small amount stay on it, leather will even it out on its own in some time. For a major grease stain, you might want to call professional help.

9. Caring for suede:

Suede or nubuck is hard to maintain. You have to be very careful with pets and children around since the surface cannot be refurbished very easily. A suede maintaining spray comes along a brush to clean the surface and revive it. Please note that leather care products for suede are entirely different than the products used for top grain smooth finished leather.

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