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Is Leather Sofa Dog Friendly?

One of the most asked questions is whether a leather sofa is dog friendly. Let us break down the answer in some basic points to help you get a better understanding that a leather sofa is dog friendly.

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This pointer would also prove to be great tips and tricks for buying the best leather couch for dogs.

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1. Colour:

Leather can be tanned in multiple colours. However, some neutral and dark shades are the best and long-lasting colours. You should always go for a shade that matches the fur coat of your dog. If you own a golden retriever, try going for a beige shade for minimal fur visibility. A dark brown shade will be better for German shepherds.

Another colour-related aspect that you need to take into consideration is the type of finish. Look for a smooth finish with a vintage look. The rough and tough or uneven tone will show fewer scuff marks than a perfectly even finished surface. Leather has this great feature where old looks new. The older the leather sofa gets, the more expensive it looks. This feature comes in handy while getting a surface that conceals scratch marks smartly.

2. Small legs:

When looking for the best leather couch for dogs, look for small legs. Usually, leather sofas come with bold small legs since mass-market prefers chunky leather sofas with small wooden legs. 

Long exposed legs will offer a tempting surface for the dogs to scratch and bite. You have to minimize scratch appeal while looking for the best couch for dog owners.

3. Minimal Features:

A typical dog proof leather sofa will bear minimal details and features. Chunky tufted buttons, studs, eyelets, rivets, frills and any extra glimmer will attract your pet to play with it. And that is not what you want them to do. Try to stick with basic attached seats and cushions with minimal detail so that there is less room for playing around. 

Tufting or quilting will be prone to damage when the dog scratches the stitches with paws. Try to be minimal with the aesthetic details while looking for a leather sofa dog friendly.

4. Easy to clean:

A leather sofa is easy to clean since there are no open weaves or pores involved in the surface. The surface is moisture-proof which makes it easy to clean off urine as well.

You can easily collect the fur with a cloth and the surface would be clean as new. Leather is also great while dealing with smell. Smells linger longer with fabrics as compared to leather.

5. Size:

Size is another important aspect while buying the best leather couch for dog owners. Being a dog owner, you completely understand the invasion of private space by dogs. They love to cuddle around and sit with you while you watch TV. 

If you live alone, you need to get a loveseat or a two-seater to allow comfortable sharing space with the dog. If you live as a couple, then consider having a three-seater or a sectional couch with a long chaise to allow the dog to rest with you two snugly. 

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We care about our Dogs and Leather Sofa too

We all love to have a comfortable sofa that we can lie on while watching TV while cuddling with our favourite pet. Our love for dogs comes with perks and cons. As much as you love to sit with your dog, you don’t want it to ruin your expensive couch. The sight of a dog scratching its paws against the couch is simply annoying. That is where a leather couch comes to your rescue. 

Leather Sofa Dog Friendly

Leather provides a smooth surface that is easy to clean. regular fabrics consist of war and weft weaves that leave open areas within the threads. This space holds fur and debris inside and becomes difficult to remove. The lack of weave and pores makes the finish uniform that does not let the fur to stick inside. You can easily collect the fur via a lint roller or a rag. 

Leather is known for being waterproof and durable. This feature allows ease in cleaning urine accidents as well. Leather is tough in nature with a sturdy frame, this makes it ideal for making it dog proof. If you invest in a couch with a dual-toned finish or vintage appeal, it will suitably conceal the scratches and scuff marks within the intonation. Try to buy a couch that matches the natural fur color of your pet. This will minimize the visibility of the fur on the surface. 

Chunky seats and heavy padded cushioning provide a plush surface to rest on. Such a surface is ideal for enjoying a cuddling time with your dog. That is one of the reasons a leather sofa is preferred by dog owners. Typical leather couches come with little to no detail. Extra studs or frills will attract the animal to chew and scratch on. A basic couch with basic cushions will provide ample functionality and comfort to cater to a dog and its mate.

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