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Best 10 Leather Sofa for Small Living Room

A small living room demands for efficient use of space. It’s very tricky to set up leather sofas for a small living room, you need to take the dimensions and style into consideration. Leather sofa for small spaces asks for petite dimensions and minimal decoration. A huge sofa placed in a small living space will crowd the place and make it look clumsy.

Owning a small home doesn’t have to make you compromise on luxury and comfort. Small leather sofas for small rooms will let you have cozy comfort with efficient use of space. You can have all the benefits that a leather sofa for small spaces brings without having to worry about it looking out of place.

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Leather sofas are notorious for occupying lots of space and giving off a chunky look. The modern variations of leather sofa for small spaces offer a sleek style with a contemporary outlook that is fit for a modern and minimal interior. Our space-savvy guide of a leather sofa for a small living room will let you look for some great options to add luxury in a limited space.

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Best Leather Sofa for small living room:

We present a list of small leather sofas for small rooms that will let you enjoy the comfort and luxury offered by a smooth leather surface while leaving ample negative space for you to move around easily.

1. DHP Emily Futon Sofa bed:

This leather sofa for a small living room that offers seating for two to three people. With no sidearms, you can seat multiple people and it doesn’t block the view. This is a budgeted and functional option for a leather sofa for small spaces.

The contemporary silhouette and smooth surface are easy to clean and maintain. Added functionality of a futon makes this a handy option to keep around. Its light in weight and basic frame with elevated legs makes it lighter visually as well. Some basic features offered by this small sofa for small room are:

a. Material:

The upholstery is smooth and moisture-proof faux leather. Inner frame is wooden that is supported with metal bars for adjusting the back. Lower legs are chrome plated.

b. Style:

With a basic rectilinear frame, this sofa offers a contemporary silhouette. The dark tone is good for hiding scuffs and spill marks.

c. Futon:

It features a split back option that can be configured with metallic clangs. The back splits back at 180 degrees to offer a bed.

d. Dimensions:

Futon dimensions: 71″l x 34″W x 32″H. Futon sleeping dimensions: 71″l x 43″w x 16” H. it can accommodate up to 600 pounds of weight making it an ideal leather sofa for small spaces.

e. Variety:

It’s available in multiple colors including lighter tones as well. You can even complete it with a chaise offered matching this futon for a wider seating space. The complete set offers the configuration of a sectional sofa with long chaise.

2. Modway Prospect Contemporary Loveseat:

This loveseat offered by Modway is one of our favorites since it boasts the luxury desired from small leather sofas for small rooms. The curved back with tufted detail gives the vibe of a chesterfield sofa with petite dimensions.

While available in multiple colors, this shiny black option is a classic favorite. With minimal detail and contemporary silhouette, this design gives a mid-century vibe with its tufted back. Let’s take a look at the features offered by this small sofa for a small room.

a. Style:

This sofa offers a contemporary style with curved back and tufted detail. The fine and shiny upholstery boasts luxury with sleek dimensions.  Prospect’s inset buttons create an elegant diamond-tufted design. Energizing your décor, this collection is ideal for small spaces or loft living

b. Material:

The upholstery is Polyurethane with a smooth and shiny finish. Expertly crafted, Prospect sits atop sturdy wood legs with non-marking caps. Sweeping curves and structured detail make Prospect a worthy focal point in the modern home

c. Dimensions:

The loveseat offers two snuggled seats with the dimensions 28.5″L x 49″W x 29.5″H. These ideal dimensions make it a great leather sofa for small spaces.

d. Variety:

This design is available as a loveseat and an armchair. You get to choose from multiple colors including mustard and blue.

e. Weight:

The sofa itself weighs 51 pounds and can bear a weight of about 285 pounds.

3. Flash Furniture Hercules imperial loveseat:

This beautiful leather sofa for small living room is offered by Flash furniture. The curved back is complemented by straight cushioned seating and curved wooden legs. This design is available in multiple colors and designs to complete the set.

a. Style:

This loveseat offers a contemporary style with a basic frame. The curved and low lying back gives a wider view without obstruction.

b. Material:

The upholstery is soft and smooth leather. The inner frame is hardwood with wooden legs.

c. Dimensions:

This loveseat offers a seat for two people with the dimensions 29x 52x 29 inches. Such cozy dimensions are great for those who want a leather sofa for small spaces.

d. Weight:

Sofa bears a lightweight with only 68 pounds.

e. Variety:

This design is available in multiple colors and a sofa and a complete set. You can mix and match the dimensions to find the perfect fit for your available space.

4. Jiasting Mid-century modern solid loveseat:

This design for a leather sofa for small living room is offered by Jiasting. It’s more of a bench than a sofa. It’s perfect for old English vibes with a mid-century inspired sleek design. Plain solid arms with chunky padded seat and tufted back give it a very functional look. 

The negative spaces in sidearm support and the elevated legs add visual space to this design making it lighter to eyes. Such a design offers comfortable seating along with functional small leather sofas for small rooms.

a. Style:

This bench-like sofa offers a mid-century look with sleek long legs, heightened seat and button tufted back. The straight alignment of the seat makes it good for back support as well. Such a contemporary design can be used in any type of setting.

b. Material:

Faux leather is used for upholstery. However, you can choose fabric from the drop-down tab as well. The inner frame is wooden. Legs and arm supports are wooden as well.

c. Dimension:

While offering two seats like a typical loveseat, this leather sofa bears the dimensions  Overall Size: 50.98inch (length) *27.3inch (width) * 33.6inch (height) Seat Size: 48.4inch (width) *20.2inch (deep) and Floor to Seat Height: 17.9inch.

d. Assembly:

It’s easy to assemble with all the required tools included in the package. The packaging allows easy passage through hallways making this an ideal leather sofa for small spaces.

e. Colors:

It’s available in the fabric option as well. You can choose from neutral black and brown color.

5. Rivet Aiden Tufted modern loveseat:

This is a great option for a leather sofa for small living room. Rivet offers this pure leather sofa that is small enough to fit in a small room. With bench-like design and tufted seats, it gives a contemporary yet mid-century look. The neutral color is great for any interior and the sleek shape does not hoard up space. The seat is reversible and easy to clean.

a. Style:

This bench offers a sleek contemporary design with mid-century inspired look. A long fixed bench seat cushion, two back cushions, and tapered wood legs provide just the right mix of sophistication with a contemporary edge.

b. Material:

The upholstery is made with soft top grain leather with a strong hardwood frame and tapered wooden legs.

c. Dimensions:

While providing two seats for adults, this leather sofa for small spaces measures 74”W x 36.2”D x 30.3”H.

d. Assembly:

The upper part comes assembled and you just need to attach the legs.

e. Warranty:

The seller offers free returns for 30 days and a one-year warranty.

6. Milemont Futon daybed loveseat:

Milemont offers this convertible option that offers a daybed, futon, and a great leather sofa for small living room. A great feature is that you can move its sidearms and components to create a day bed or a sofa with raised sidearms. This way you can avail a variety of four different configurations within the same design. The tufted surface adds to the appeal of this design.

a. Style:

This is one of the small leather sofas for small rooms that offers a contemporary style with sleek raised legs that elevate the seat for perfect posture. The tufted stitch detail breaks the monotony of the design.

b. Material:

The upholstery is faux leather whereas the inner frame is metallic. Metallic clasps support the folding mechanism of the futon.

c. Convertible option:

Easily adjustable from sitting to lounging to sleeping positions, it also features a split back that allows you to operate its two sides independently.

d. Dimensions:

While this leather sofa for small spaces offers the option of seating two adults, the dimensions are 42 x 35 x 13 inches.

e. Weight:

The sofa itself weighs about 84 pounds. It’s light enough to move around a small space.

7. Stone and Beam Bradbury Chesterfield sofa:

They offer this pure leather luxury in a compact size that makes this design a great leather sofa for small living room. The low back is always a  great option for a small area as it does not hinder the view. Carved legs and wooden frame make this design strong. The side rolled arms make it a comfortable option as well.

Some of the offered features of one of this small leather sofas for small rooms are:

a. Style:

This design offers a typical English chesterfield sofa silhouette that boasts luxury and style. While giving the looks of an old vintage sofa, this evergreen design goes well with any interior.

b. Material:

The upholstery is 100% genuine smooth finished leather. The inner frame is sturdy hardwood with carved wooden legs.

c. Assembly:

The legs require minor assembly that is easy and takes less time. This is an ideal leather sofa for small spaces as the compact packaging allows easy transportation through a 32-inch hallway entrance.

d. Warranty:

The seller offers free returns for 30 days and a three-year warranty.

e. Variety:

Three colors are available for this design; brown, black, and cognac. You can pair this loveseat with a large 93-inch sofa, a living room chair, and an ottoman.

8. Christopher Knight Home Darcy loveseat:

They offer this classic bench-like sofa that is a great leather sofa for living room. With a wooden frame and sleek long wooden legs, this design is vintage yet contemporary. With little to no detail at all, it’s fuss-free and great with children and pets around. The built is rectilinear and offers great back support. No sidearms and long back makes it visually lighter.

Let’s take a look at the offered features by one of the small leather sofas for small rooms:

a. Style:

This sofa offers a plain contemporary style with no detail at all. Such a sleek and modern design is great for simple functionality. The smooth surface provides easy cleaning.

b. Material:

The upholstery is smooth brown bonded leather. The inner frame and legs are made with hardwood. This is a great budgeted option for small spaces.

c. Dimensions:

While this leather sofa for small spaces offers a seat for two adults, it measures about 34.30 inches high x 46.50 inches wide x 33.50 inches deep Seat dimensions: 17 inches high x 46.50 inches wide x 23.5 inches deep.

d. Weight:

With no detail and lack of sidearms, this is a visually light design that does not hoard up a place. However, it weighs about 55 pounds and is easy to assemble and move around.

e. Variety:

Matched sets available, or mix and match different styles or fabrics to create your own combination

9. Stone and Beam Lauren Down-filled sofa:

This chunky yet small leather sofa for living room. Its chunky seats and heavy padding makes it ideal for those who prefer spending some family time on the living room couch. The basic rectilinear frame offers a contemporary silhouette with great functionality and high-quality material. Minimal detail makes it favored by minimalists and modern interior holders.

a. Style:

This is one of the small leather sofas for small rooms that offer a vintage vibe with a basic frame and straight lines. The back cushions are chunky and comfortable. The rough and tough finish makes it great for hiding scuff and dust.

b. Material:

Solid hardwood frame with moisture-repellent, stain-resistant fabric made of 98% polyester, 2% nylon; down-filled seat and back cushions.

c. Dimensions:

Offering wide space to seat two adults, this leather sofa for small spaces offers the dimensions 74″W x 45″D x 37″H.

d. Warranty:

The seller offers free returns for 30 days and a three-year warranty.

e. Variety:

This product is offered in multiple colors including light and dark tones. It’s available in other sizes as well to complete the set.

10. Rivet Kaden Modern leather loveseat:

With a smooth finish and minimal detail, this loveseat is a great small sofa for small room. The slanted legs add a great aesthetic appeal to this design. This leather loveseat isn’t just handsomely styled; it’s cleverly functional, too. A headrest across the back adjusts upright for watching TV, then tilts back when you’re ready to relax. Compactly sized for smaller spaces, it features modern metal legs.

a. Style:

This loveseat offers a smooth surface with adjustable headrest and great back support. The silhouette is modern yet contemporary. Unlike other typical leather sofas, this design is modern and compact.

b. Material:

The upholstery is genuine leather with a cedar hardwood frame that provides durability to this design. 

c. Assembly:

The assembling process is easy and can be conducted in just 30 minutes. Legs need to be screwed in.

d. Dimensions:

While this leather sofa for small spaces offer ample seating for two, it measures 61.8″W x 39.3″ D x 37″H Seat Height: 16.9″H; Seat Depth: 21.2″D; Seat Back Height: 17.77″H; Arm Height: 23.2″H; Leg Height: 5.5″

e. Warranty:

The seller offers free returns for 30 days and a one-year warranty.

What to Look for in Small Leather Sofas for Small Room:

Buying small leather sofas for small rooms is not as simple as it sounds. You need to take some factors into account to make a purchase worth your money.

1. Dimensions:

The most important factor to consider while looking for a small sofa for a small room is the dimensions that the sofa offers along with the availability of space. You cannot expect a three-seater to fit in a small corner. Looking for a loveseat complemented with accent chairs leave enough blank space around. You need to leave ample space for you to move around and seat yourself with comfort.

2. Style:

Style matters in terms of the amount of detail in the design. An ornate design featuring Gaudi style will have a strong presence in a small space. Too much detail eats up space and makes a room look crowded. Minimal and modern designs with little to no detail, makes a room look vast. Similarly, light colors add space whereas dark colors minimize the outlook.

3. Comfort:

A small room demands less furniture be placed. If the space demands placing one loveseat only, you have to make sure that it is comfortable for long use as you will be spending more time on it. With fewer available options to sit on, you have to invest in comfortable ones.

4. Features:

Limited space demand features like extra storage space and sofa cum beds. Modern futons offer a comfortable sleeping space while providing complete functions of a sofa. Hidden storage space in ottomans and side pockets for storage is always a good idea.

5. Adaptability:

Modern furniture items are convertible and adaptable to existing interiors. Go for a contemporary style as a safe option to complement your interior. If you are looking for a long chaise, invest in a convertible option so that you can change its orientation to left or right as per demand.


Now that we have some great options to dock up to our small living rooms, you must be wondering how to set it up to make space look wider. We will suggest some points on how to stylize a leather sofa for a small living room in the options below:

Some Tips for you

✅ Add a corner sofa in a corner. This will help you stylize a corner while keeping enough space in the center to add more items.

✅ Add plants behind the sofa to add a great soothing visual appeal.

✅ Add a mirror in the hallway or at an empty wall. Mirrors work their magic to give an illusion of vast space.

✅ Add a light-colored wallpaper. Light-colored upholstery and surroundings have the capability of making the area look wider.

✅ Add hidden storage inside an ottoman, footstool or in a sofa bed.

✅ Look for a bench or backless sofa especially while placing the sofa beside a window. It will not obstruct the view and will let you have a seating space without hindering your wall pieces.

✅ Place a loveseat or a large sofa and complement it with chairs and single sofas instead of adding more two-seater sofas. Living room sets consisting of a three-seater, a two-seater, and a loveseat look good in larger areas. A small room demands an efficient setting that provides enough seating space while leaving empty rooms around.

Use these tips and tricks to add small leather sofas for small rooms. They will guide you to increase the seating and visual space effectively.

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