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Top 10 Qualities of Good Leather Sofa

A good and high-quality leather sofa is worth every penny of yours. It’s super comfortable to sit on and it’s going to pass the test of time with ease. A good leather sofa is looked like a luxury addition to your living scape. And such luxury demands great care and high-quality material addition.

Let’s take a look at some aspects to look for a good quality leather sofa.

1. Strong Inner Frame:

A good leather sofa should have a strong inner-frame. A good frame is a great base for hosting a strong design. Hardwood is the best pair for a high-quality sofa however, ply and laminated wood works well too. Metallic frames have a tendency to rust soon, so they are harder to maintain.

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2. Inner Filling:

A good leather sofa will have a durable and resilient inner filling. Memory foam is a better option than basic foam. However, Dacron and foam are mixed and match to prevent sagging of the seats in many sofas. 

A good spring suspension provides a great base for hosting the seats. Pocket coils paired with serpentine spring suspension is a great high-quality option.

3. Durability:

A good leather sofa ages well. genuine leather has a tendency to loosen up with use and time. This loosening up adds a vintage and comfortable look to the sofa making it a durable long time. 

The type of leather used tells much about the durability as well. top grain is the most durable one whereas a split or bonded leather upholstery will not be as durable comparatively.

4. Style:

A good leather sofa complements every interior and every era. Cotemporary styled sofas are the safest option to have around. Modern sofas do not match with a Rococo setting, in the same way, a vintage leather sofa does not match a modern setting. Try to look for a neutral shaded contemporary option that will go with every setting.

5. Stitch Detail:

Often the most neglected aspect while looking for a sofa is its stitching. The most common complaint the manufacturers receive is that the stitches tore away and revealed the filling. Look for strong stitching that does not have a larger stitch length. Look inside the seams and pull slightly to see how well two pieces hold together.

6. Comfort:

A good quality sofa will always be determined with comfort. Though the definition of comfort depends upon age and body form of every individual, the main concept is that the seat should let you sit in and get up easily. The back alignment must not crouch your body while sitting and the design should be ergonomic. 

A comfortable leather sofa provides firm support while being soft on your muscles.

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7. Trims and Details:

A good quality leather sofa will have good quality trims to support the overall quality. A pure leather seat with faux leather piping on edges makes no sense. 

Similarly, a good quality sofa will have hardware details that are durable as well. Low-quality studs or rivets will weather and rust overtime whereas high-quality details will age with your sofa.

8. Easy to clean:

Let’s face it we all hate to host a stain on an expensive sofa. A good quality sofa should provide you the leverage to keep it clean. The surface should be easy to clean and moisture-proof so that you don’t have to break a sweat every time someone sits on the sofa.

9. Strong legs:

A heavy sofa on feeble legs doesn’t sound, right? A good quality sofa with a high-quality frame should be balanced on strong legs. The hardwood frame should be paired with hardwood legs.

Another aspect of the strong legs is the shape of the legs. A block-shaped leg gives a bold look rather than a stick-shaped elongated leg.

10. Heavy Weight:

A good leather sofa should be heavy itself and should be capable of hosting heavy weight as well. High quality demands heavy-weighted materials like hardwood and thick leather.

Now that we have listed all the aspects for a good quality sofa, don’t forget to check out our blog for some good quality options to adorn your home. Please feel free to comment or ask our insight on any furniture piece.

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