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Best 9 Reclining Sofa with Fold Down Console

One of the most luxurious and comfortable options you can have in your living room is a reclining sofa with fold down console. A recliner gives you the ability to elevate your feet and rest your head in a carefree manner. The plush cushioning and the bold design make you forgot about your body aches after a tiring day.

A typical recliner has traditional yet modern features. It offers an upright seat with heavy padded cushions and seats that provide a soft surface to rest on. The evolved and morphed versions allow you to have this comfort along with multiple features that include power outlets, USB chargers, storage option and much more. With a complete recliner set bought, you can have a complete entertainment system installed in your room without having to allocate a special place for home theatre. Your living room is the new home theatre.

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Best Reclining Sofa with Fold Down Console:

The popular choice while buying a recliner is a reclining sofa with a fold down console. A fold-down console refers to the middle part of a reclining sofa that can be folded down to offer multiple features and functionalities. Most of the options consist of a loveseat that comes with two recliners and a middle part that can be folded down to reveal reading lights, USB ports, cup holders and a storage tray. 

The great options below will give you a better idea of the features of the best reclining sofa with fold down console.

1. Seatcraft Anthem Home Theatre Recliner:

Acing our list of reclining sofa with fold down consoles is this beautiful red leather upholstered recliner with three seats. The upper is pure leather with a smooth finish and great quality that shows off luxury. The recliner is powered with adjustable headrest and footrest. 

The center seat is available to host a person when turned up. You can fold the back of the middle seat to unravel multiple functional options that include two cup holders, overhead light and two USB and a 110 Volts AC power outlet. A new version even offers a wireless charging pod. 

A swivel tray is also a part of the deal that makes a great surface to hold popcorns. Sidearms feature hidden storage that can be a space-savvy option to store remote controllers. It offers four default ranges of motion, however, you can use the power recline feature to recline as you want.

2. Europe Home Theatre Recliner:

Best reclining sofa with fold down console. Its upper surface is made with leather gel. This is a budgeted option as compared to the former one because it features faux leather instead of the original one and it comes with two seats with a functional center table.

The finish is smooth that makes it easy to wipe. The headrest is powered that allows maximum comfort at the desired position. It features a centre fold-down table that includes two cup holders, USB, AC, and wireless charging dock, overhead lights and hidden in-arm storage. 

The centre cup holders are lit for lights out experience. It’s lighter in weight than the Seatcraft Anthem recliner. The power button allows adapting to your comfort along with a USB charging station. 

3. FDW Reclining power sofa:

FDW brings you this leather three seater recliner that is chunky and soft. The smooth finish of the leather makes it a great comfortable option to rest on. A great feature is a slight bend at the knee while reclining the back. This bend allows good posture and indentation.

The headrest is powered and adjustable that allows small heightened people to get comfortable neck support as well. It allows three people to be seated on and enjoy the recliner, however, the middle seat can be folded down to unravel the functionalities.

The fold-down table offers reading lights that are adjustable. One AC power outlet and two USB ports are also available. Two cup holders and a storage tray is also a part of the deal. An Extra storage box is available at the side rest.

4. Vienna Home Theater Recliner:

They bring you another great reclining sofa with fold down console. the upholstery is pure leather with a smooth top-grain finish. The recliner is dual powered that allows adjustable headrest as well as a footrest. The seat comes with great lumbar support and memory function.

The seat is designed with a beautiful flap-fold design that is unusual and offers compact aesthetics. The seats are heavily padded that offer comfort while being firm. The recliner offers three seats with the centre one folding down to provide a functional table. Features include two cup holders, AC USB and wireless charger, overhead lights, storage tray, and compartments.

Two swivel trays are available at the side arm rests with hidden storage. The seller provides you with two options including a loveseat with centre table and this foldable console option.

5. Omega Home Theatre Recliner Seatcraft :

This Seatcraft is the maestro in offering comfortable recliners with every price range. This particular model name omega is upholstered with gel leather and a smooth soft finish. It’s a powered recliner with multimedia options. 

The recliner offers three seats with the middle one folding down with a console that offers USB chargers, AC power outlet, and overhead lighting. The storage table is made with burlwood that offers cup holders as well. The side arms offer the swivel table and In-Arm storage as well.

6. Delange Reclining Power Sofa:

Coaster Home Furnishings offer this powered reclining sofa in leather and polyester upholstery. This particular model is upholstered with 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane. The main color that is offered is black. 

This is a wall hugger powered recliner with just a 4-inch space clearance required. The smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain. The seats offer heavy padding with chunky seats that are super comfortable to sit on. 

It features two recliners with power headrests for easy and comfortable seat adjustment. Its convenient drop-down backrest is complemented with two cup holders, while its armrests include storage for extra versatility. Two hidden LED lights provide just enough light to help prevent spills without distracting you from the screen. Rounded out by touch controls and a handy built-in USB port, this sofa boasts exquisite comfort and functionality.

7. Ashley Turbulence Power Recliner Sofa:

This chunky faux leather sofa that can comfortably seat three people. The centre seat’s back can be folded down to offer a functional console that includes two cup holders, USB chargers, AC power outlets, and overhead lights.

The side arms offer cup holders as well. The upholstery is faux leather with contrasting white stitch details. The recliner is powered with a one-touch power control button. The headrest is powered as well which allows easy adjustment. 

Measuring 81.75inches Wide by 39.5inches Deep by 44.5inches Height, this reclining sofa offers plenty of room to get comfortable. The power cord comes along the package. The inner padding consists of high resiliency foam cushions wrapped in thick poly fibre.

8. Signature Design Warnerton Power Recliner by Ashley:

Ashley brings you another exciting chocolate bathed recliner that is chunky and shows off its comfort. The diamond quilted stitch details enhance the aesthetics and make this sofa more comfortable in looks.

The surface is smooth faux leather complemented with highly resilient foam cushions wrapped in polyester or polyurethane. The sofa is available in three different settings: single recliner chair, a loveseat and this three-seater with two recliners and a middle stationary seat. 

The center seat offers a foldable console that bears two cup holders, one USB charger, two AC plugs, and a storage table. The sofa arrives assembled and ready to use. A power cord is included to avail the powered recliner and headrest. 

9. Signature Design by Ashley Mitchiner Double Recliner:

Another chunky reclining loveseat is presented by Ashley Furniture. This recliner offers two seats that are padded with highly resilient foam and upholstered with polyester. This option is manual with a dual recline feature. 

The middle console offers a pull tab storage box with two cup holders. The overall look is transitional with a neutral grey colour and basic silhouette. It is great for placing in any bedroom or study area. 

The product arrives assembled. The side arms are chunky and comfortable for maximum comfort. The design is offered in three seating options: sofa recliner, loveseat, and a rocker. The sofa recliner offers two recliners with the centre seat being stationary. You can fold the back of the middle seat to open the console with multiple functions.

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Buying Guide for the Best Recliner:

While looking for the best reclining sofa with fold down console, you might need to take some other aspects into consideration such as:

1. Style:

You might think of recliners being built the same chunky way, but there are variable options in the market to cater to every kind of customer. A recliner may be:

2. Modern:

these recliners look like a traditional mid-century one, however, the modern aspect lies in its minimalistic approach. A modern recliner features all the gadget support, storage spaces, and holders that are required to enjoy lounging. The seat design is ergonomic while allowing some negative or breathing space to the design. 

3. Traditional:

A traditional recliner looks like a mid-century art piece. It features bulky round arms, tufted or nailhead trims, chunky back cushioning and manual operation. They provide the basic feature of comfort and reclining without any special powered features.

4. Transitional:

The term transitional refers to something in between modern and traditional. This is the most sought after option while making a purchase for a recliner. It features comfort, luxury, and special powered features as well. You might encounter a transitional recliner to be adorned with quilting and tufting while featuring floor lights and USB ports.

5. Space coverage:

Recliners come in small, standard and oversized seat options. 

A small recliner may be up to 33 inches wide.

A standard recliner may be up to 34-44 inches wide.

An oversized recliner may be greater than 45 inches in width.

You can choose the size according to the available space and the required comfort. A heavy person might require a wider seat as compared to a lean built person. 

Another space coverage issue with the recliners is the wall-hugging ability. A manual recliner requires larger space clearance to operate its full recline ability. However, most modern powered recliners require only 4 inches clearance at the back, which makes them ideal wall huggers. 

6. Material and construction:

The upholstery material and the inner frame determine the durability and price worth of the recliner. Most of the options are available with leather upholstery and metallic frame. A metallic frame allows better functionality than a wooden one. Metal is lighter to operate and function smoothly whereas wood is heavy and being an insulator, does not work with powered mechanisms well.

The type of upholstery determines the ease of cleaning as well. Smooth faux leather is easier to clean than microfiber polyester. With indentations in the seats to offer an ergonomic design, its harder to clean the dirt in between the details, so look for a smoother finish that allows clean snacking while watching TV.

7. Features:

Recliners have become the favourite high tech piece to have in a home. they come with motion modes including swivel, rocking or gliding. They come with storage options like cupholders, extra pockets, and fold-down tables. High tech ones even provide massage options to choose from. 

Don’t let the features woo you away. Additional features will cost you more. You need to stick to the requirements while looking for a recliner since you don’t want to get out of your budget.

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How to organize recliners with fold down console

Furniture that reclines is made to move with you. However, if your new reclining sofa with drop down table is placed incorrectly, it may collide with other pieces of furniture or a wall. Worse, your new furniture may make it hard for anybody to pass!

Keep an eye on the walls

Do you have a recliner sofa with console? One of the most significant locations to position this is against one of your living room’s walls.

You’ll want to make sure it’s far enough away from the wall so you can recline comfortably. For most reclining couches and chairs to recline, there must be at least a foot of space between furniture and the wall. If you have an open concept area, reclining furniture may be positioned in the middle of the room to avoid this problem entirely.

Going for a Walk

As previously said, it is critical to provide ample space for your guests to wander around areas such as your living room. However, if you’re not cautious, your recliner sofa with console might easily block someone in! That raises an important question: how much space should you provide everyone to walk?

Our advice is straightforward: every pathway should have at least 18 inches of unobstructed space. This allows someone to stroll by without slamming into your furnishings.

Keep in mind that after the couches with consoles are reclined, the distance is at least 18 inches. Make careful to move your furniture about until you’ve found the right gap. Are you having trouble determining where to put your furniture? Make a plan for how you want to arrange your furniture with our online room planner!

Make Provisions for Usability

What’s the easiest method to put reclining chairs together? That question has a deceptively easy answer: it depends on what you want to do with it.

Some families, for example, like watching movies and sports regularly. It could make sense for them to position the chairs so that everyone can see the TV.

Many folks looking for reclining sofa with drop down table in Tempe, Arizona, would like to socialize rather than watch TV. If that’s the case, you’ll want to arrange the furniture such that everyone can easily see each other. If you want to entertain, it’s crucial to arrange your furniture to encourage discussion.

Cleaning a microfiber reclining sofa with drop down console

Microfiber reclining sofa with drop down table are less difficult to clean than their leather counterparts. To remove and clean spills, all you need is a soft cloth and the approved cleaning solution. Because certain microfibers require water-based cleaners and others require solvent-based cleaners, you’ll need to utilize particular cleaning solutions.

To prevent food, grime, and dust from gathering inside the frame, vacuum the cloth or fabric finish recliner on a regular basis, at least once a week. If the odor is an issue, such as perspiration or food scents on the reclining couches with consoles, spray treatments can assist in masking it. Another alternative is to spray the sofa with a sweat-resistant spray. This has the advantage of preventing the reclining sofa from becoming filthy and smelling like perspiration over time. You may extend the life of the microfiber by wiping and thoroughly cleaning it with a soap solution.

Leather recliners require special attention

An essential thing to remember regarding leather recliner sofa with console is to keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible. This is because exposing the leather to too much direct sunlight causes it to become brittle and vulnerable to splitting and cracking. Even if exposed to sunlight for brief periods of time, couches with consoles that have been used for more than 20 years are at risk of breaking.

The chair should be cleaned regularly, and if you use a vacuum cleaner, use a little brush attachment to dust it. It protects the surface from any scouring. You must clean up any and all spills right away with a soft, dry towel. Make care to dab the spill dry rather than rubbing it in.

To keep the shine on the reclining couch, you’ll need to apply a leather conditioner at least once every two months. These air conditioners may be found at any hardware or furnishing shop.

Before using the conditioner, it’s usually a good idea to read the directions. And, before you use it, dab a little quantity on a rag cloth and test it on an inconspicuous portion of the leather. This is to see how the leather reacts to it and whether it is safe to use. Any conditioner should be used only after the leather recliner couch has been cleaned, dusted, and brushed clean.

Final Verdict:

The options listed above provide some great high-quality options to dock up your living space. A good reclining loveseat has the capability to make your room look complete. A well-suited recliner that offers comfort and luxury will be a treat to eyes every time you look at it. You need to take into consideration, the available space and the offered dimensions so as not to hoard up space. 

Pair a reclining sofa with a fold down console feature and you have the complete entertainment station within your reach. Let us know what you think about our selection in the comments section below.

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