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6 Best Sectional Sofa 80 Inches

Sectional sofas are the popular choice for docking up living rooms. Their ability to adapt dimensions and style makes them a fuss-free choice to choose for your home. The most commonly sought after dimensions for a sectional sofa are less than 80 inches.

The main reason being the limitation of space and the functionality provided by a sectional sofa.

We all don’t own a 1000 sq ft. home do we? And let’s be real, most of the apartments we see while passing through the streets are cozy, small and practical. Such a practical space demands furnishing that is adaptable to the dimensions. A larger sectional sofa will take up a lot of space that can look overcrowded.

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Sectional Sofa measuring 80 inches

Do not confuse a small sectional sofa for a cheap one. You can have the perfect size for your living room without having to compromise on the quality or functionality. 

A typical sectional sofa that measures 80 inches will provide you a cozy three-seater option. This dimension will allow three adults to be seated comfortably without having them cross their limbs with each other. As compared to 75 or 78-inch sofas, they provide a wider seating space.

Keep scrolling to find some amazing solutions for your space-saving. The following options will provide you a sectional sofa with an exact 80 inches length.

1. Rivet Revolve Modern Sectional

This sectional sofa measures 34.6″D x 79.9″W x 35.4″H.

This perfectly sized sofa is presented by a well-reputed seller “ Rivet”. It offers reversible chaise and mobile ottoman that can be adapted to your living room orientation.

It offers clean lines and a basic silhouette with a rectilinear shape. The offered colors are neutral that will go with any setting and interior. Paired with a colored rug or cushions, this sofa will enlighten your home with its strong presence.

Things we like:

✅ Modern contemporary silhouette with adaptable neutral colors.

✅ Reversible chaise that can be set at either the left or right side.

✅ Sturdy hardwood frame with wooden tapered legs.

✅ It can bear a weight of about 450 pounds.

✅ Assembly is easy without requiring any special tools.

✅ It comes with great customer service with free returns after 30 days and 1-year warranty.

✅ The seats are soft but not too plush to sink in.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The linen is hard to clean especially with kids around.

2. Poundex Black Sofa

This beautiful contemporary option is presented by Poundex furnishers. The great tufted sofa might seem gigantic to you, but it offers a width of 80 inches. So if you have planned a space that can accommodate 80 inches in one dimension, you might want to take a look at this sectional since it offers more than three seats.

The sofa is enough to be placed in your living room as a stand-alone piece. Having this as your main seating solution, you can pair it up with rugs, ottomans or just one more chair.

You have a room that is less in width but more in length, this sectional sofa 80 inches in width will complement it beautifully. Let’s take a look at what else has it got to offer:

Things we like:

✅ Cotemporary and modern silhouette offering clean lines in the design.

✅ Tufted detail at the back seats offers elegance and style.

✅ Solid wooden legs that are elevated to allow easy cleanliness at the base.

✅ Firm foam-filled cushions that don’t sink in and retain their shape.

✅ Different sections can be interlocked so that any section does not get dragged away during use and retains its shape.

✅ The sofa is easy to assemble when delivered.

✅ Multiple color and material options are available including accent pillows, bonded leather upholstery, and poly fiber.

✅ Adaptable dimensions Chaise: 80″ x 35″ x 33″ Sofa: 76″ x 35″ x 33″H

Things we don’t like:

❌ The given dimensions are tricky to adjust, but if you measure the available space intelligently, this sectional sofa is worth more seating space.

Sectional sofas that are almost 80 inches:

Finding the perfect size is not always easy. With so many readily available options, we try to bring you the highest-rated articles that will never let you down. So we bring you some great sectional sofas that are nearly 80 inches and would perfectly cater to your needs.

3. Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa: 

Honbay offers this three-seater sectional sofa with sleek dimensions. This sofa is worth your money with offered quality, functionality and dimensions. Measuring Couch Dimensions-78.5’’(L)*30.3’’(W)*35’’(H), this sectional is ideal for even small spaces.

With a weight capacity of 660 pounds, this contemporary sofa will adjust to any interior. It is available in three neutral-colored fabric options. You can choose a darker color to conceal potential stains or choose a lighter tone to enlighten your already dark setting.

Things we like:

✅ The cushions are firm and sturdy with pocket coils that ensure perfect spring and shape.

✅ Durable wooden legs with low height to allow cozy comfort.

✅ Solid wooden frame with serpentine mesh to support the seats.

✅ The chaise is reversible thus offering left or right-hand orientation.

✅ Petite dimensions for a loft or small apartment.

✅ Easy wipe spill-proof fabric upholstery.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The shape is very basic that blends in the background.

4. Honbay Convertible Faux Leather Couch

You can have this affordable faux leather sectional with the dimensions of 78.5’’(L)*30.3’’(W)*35’’(H). Honbay brings you this luxurious looking sofa that is convertible and offers a reversible chaise.

It has a great chunky silhouette that wreaks comfort and style at the same time. The silhouette is basic and cotemporary that will complement your interior well. The faux leather gives it a mid-century look as well that can help cater modern as well as vintage looks as per interior.

Things we like:

✅ Faux leather is easy to wipe and gives a rich look.

✅ The seats are comfortable but don’t sink in.

✅ Dimensions are perfect for smaller apartments.

✅ It is easy to assemble without the need for tools.

✅ Offers pocket coil construction with serpentine mesh.

✅ Hardwood frame and legs ensure strength.

Things we don’t like:

❌ It’s a little overweight with 105 pounds that’s hard to move around.

5. Homelegance Phelps Reversible Sectional Sofa

Homelegance presents this contemporary three-seaters sectional sofa with dimensions under 80 inches. It is perfect for even a small apartment with all the offered comfort and quality.

With Arm to Arms Length: 64.50″; Seat Depth: 23.25″; Seat Height: 18.5″H, this sectional clears your space-saving worries. The tufted detail adds elegance to this design complemented with earthen toned upholstery.

Things we like;

✅ A contemporary modern silhouette that goes with any interior.

✅ Weight capacity of 300 pounds.

✅ 100% polyester fabric upholstery that rewards strength and easy wipe surface.

✅ Hardwood interior with wooden low lying legs.

✅ Available in multiple colors offering variety in choice.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The basic frame does not have a strong presence in an interior that needs a highlight.

6. Lifestyle Solutions Collection Grayson Micro Fabric Sofa:

This modern dark-colored sectional sofa is offered by LifeStyle Solutions. The tufted detail on the sofa adds a depth to the design. The microfiber raised surface is soft to touch and adds a smooth velvety feeling.

The rolled and raised side armrests to add comfort to this smartly dimensioned sofa. There is a symmetry to this design with the class that will add the element of visual luxury to your setting. The overall look is soft as well as strong.

Things we like:

✅ The easy tool-less assembly can be done singlehandedly.

✅ Rolled side arms providing comfortable rest.

✅ Foam inner filling that doesn’t sink in and provides sturdy support.

✅ Serpentine spring mesh to ensure strength and support.

✅ A contemporary silhouette that sets well to any interior.

✅ Lightweight with 98 pounds.

✅ Multiple neutral colors are available to choose from.

✅ Hardwood frame with wooden legs for support.

✅ Ideal dimensions80.3″x32″x32.68″

✅ Reasonable price under 300 dollars.

Things we don’t like:

❌ The microfibre surface is soft at feel but harder to clean.

Why is a sectional sofa measuring 80 inches practical?

When it comes to investing in a sofa, we all think of some common aspects; comfort, price, functionality, style and most important available space. A small apartment or a bedroom demands a sofa that can provide ample space to move around and does not block the view.

A sofa with an ideal dimension has the capability to fasten a living scape with efficient use of space. Let’s take a look at the commonly available lengths for a sectional sofa.

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70 to 79 inches:

This range is a common length for a sectional sofa popular among small apartment holders. The ability to move the sections of a sofa around with petite dimensions make this size adaptable.

80 to 100 inches:

This size range is also considered small. However, this size is perfect for living rooms as a living room has relatively more available space than any other bedroom.

The 80-inches sectional sofa is highly functional and popular as its neither too small nor too big for about any living scape.

100 to 120 inches:

This range of size is wider but still relatively smaller than the other 7 seater options that hold a strong presence in any living space. 

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Why is a sectional sofa  80 inches a common choice?

A typical sectional sofa with 80 inches provides you three seating spaces and allows intelligent use of space that doesn’t over occupy your setting.

Is a sectional sofa 80 inches good for a small apartment?

The sectional sofa 80 inches is an ideal dimension for providing ample seating space as well as petite space coverage. This size will provide you enough space to move around as well.


With a variety of options available to savor your space concerns, you have a choice of selecting a sectional sofa that perfectly fits your home scape. People prefer sectional sofas for their ease of adaptability and functionality but when it comes to space efficiency a sectional sofa 80 inches length is an ideal and safe investment.


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