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Best 6 Sleeper Sofa Under 300

With modern convertible solutions, we have a great option for comfortable seating as well as comfortable sleeping under a budget.

May we present a “ 6 sleeper sofa under 300”.

It’s the end of the month and you have guests coming over but you don’t have enough resources left to spend?

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Your kids are planning a sleepover and you’ve got to have some extra sleeping space arranged urgently within your pocket money? Don’t worry, your knight in the shining armor is here!

We have shortlisted 6 sleeper sofa under 300, a limited budget can save your space as well as money.

You already have your home scape furnished and set, so how to accommodate a newcomer with all the space and comfort he needs that too under $300? 

But what about my budget?

It’s hard to find a product that holds all the qualities within your budget. After overlooking all the essentials of a sleeper sofa, the most important next step is your budget.

So we have conducted research that brings the best sleeper sofa to you under a nominal price of 300 dollars.

1. DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed:

Let’s take a detailed look at the offered features:

1. Style:

This futon offers a modern style with leather upholstery that makes this option fit for contemporary modern homes. The tufted design and slanted chrome legs accentuate this design.

2. Material:

The upholstery is faux leather with a smooth finish. The inner frame is made with sturdy wood. However, the futon is operated via metallic clangs. 

3. Functionality:

The split-back feature enhances the functionality of this basic futon that allows you to use this design for carefree lounging to lying down. The waterproof surface is easy to clean with matching ottomans that allow completing the whole set.

4. Assembly:

The complete set is shipped in a single box. The assembling process is easy.

5. Dimensions:

With a weight limit of 600 pounds and weighing 75 pounds itself, this futon measures 71 x 34 x 32 inches.

The first entry we have for sofa sleepers under $300 is this Futon sofa sleeper with starting price at $211. The product is offered by DHP, which is a highly appreciated seller. 

The dimensions of this sleeper sofa are Sitting: 80.5″L x 39.5″W x 38″H. Sleeping: 75″L x 54″W x 18.5″H

 As the picture shows the sofa is convertible into multiple positions, making it an excellent choice for homes with more guest traffic. 

The upholstery surface is faux black leather with chrome-plated legs. The tufted buttons give it a luxurious aesthetic appeal. Leather is a great option for homes with kids since it is easy to wipe and dust off. The material and color of the sofa make it hold a strong space against the other interior.

This sleeper sofa features a contemporary and sleek silhouette that goes with about any setting and interior. 

To make your choice even easier, we will jot down some pros and cons of this sleeper sofa:

2. Serta RNE-3S-CC-SET Rane Convertible Sofa

Some of the brill features offered by this best sleeper sofa under 300 dollars are:

1. Material:

The futon is upholstered in quality polyester fabric that is easy to wipe and moisture proof. Constructed with eucalyptus wood Designed with high density foam Fully upholstered in high quality fabric with tufting details, self-piping and self-stitching.

2. Style:

This futon offers a contemporary style with tufted detail accentuating its frame. The tufting offers a cosy and comfortable look as well supported by a rectilinear frame. The neutral grey upper is complemented with shiny chrome legs.

3. Dimensions:

Measures when folded up as Sofa: L66.1″ x W33.1″ x H29.5″ / Bed Dimensions: L66.1″ x W37.6 x H15.0″

4. Colors:

The seller offers variety in this style with three more color options available as black, java and navy blue. 

5. Assembly:

Simple instructions and tools are provided to help with the quick and easy assembly process. You’ll be enjoying your sofa in no time upon arrival. The click clack technology makes it easy to set up.

This tufted charcoal grey fabric upholstered futon sofa offers a contemporary style and modern design.

The basic rectangular frame is enhanced with the stitch quilted detail. The grey color is complemented with chrome-plated metallic legs. The style is sleek and goes about with any setting. 

Such a neutral piece looks great with a colored and patterned carpet. It’s easy to set up with clock lock technology offered in dimensions of Sofa: L66.1″ x W33.1″ x H29.5″ / Bed Dimensions: L66.1″ x W37.6 x H15.0″

3. Memory Foam Couch Sleeper Daybed:

Some of the features offered by this sleeper sofa under 300 dollars are:

1. Material:

With understated modern design in black faux leather, the futon’s upholstery gels nicely with its chrome legs, giving off an air of luxury and fitting for most rooms. Compared to innersprings, high-quality memory foam offers more consistent support, mould better to your body’s shape, and snap back into place easily. It is not too hard and not too soft. Because of this cushion-firm feel, it is perfect for accommodating the occasional out-of-town guest. Guests have different sleeping preferences, and a medium-firm sofa bed will ensure their content for sure.

2. Style:

With shiny and smooth finish, this futon offers a chic modern style. The tufted and stitch detail breaks the monotony of this design. Elevated side arms make it more comfortable and add an edge to this design.

3. Assembly:

 Amazingly simple to assemble out of box and room placement in less than 15 minutes, no expert assembly needed. Start enjoying this practical sofa for your daily comfort.

4. Functionality:

Easily adjustable from sitting, to lounging to sleeping positions, it also features split back that allows you to operate its two sides independently.

When folded down, it creates a bed without an additional mattress or having to remove couch cushions. This is the most space efficient and convenient option.

5. Dimensions:

This sofa weighs about 84 pounds and measures 42 x 35 x 13 inches

This Futon Sofa bed offers memory foam in the mattress and provides three brilliant features; Reclining Sofa, Lounger daybed and a 180-degree lying bed. Can you believe that you can get all these functions under $300?

The outer shiny surface is faux leather providing ease of cleaning and great aesthetic appeal. It has a metallic frame with chrome legs to offer support. 

As the picture depicts, the sofa has the capability to maneuver four parts. You can fold it half up, full down or pull the side arms up for extra support.

The tufted and stitched detail adds the essential element of luxury and style to this basic silhouette of a sofa. It’s a space saver with no additional cushions or components that need to be opened or moved to disclose its functionality.

4. Naomi Futon Sofa Bed:

Lets take a look at the offered features by this best sleeper sofa under 300 dollars:

1. Material:

Sporting a modern design, this futon fuses entertainment with comfort. 4 chrome metal legs add stability, while the durable faux leather makes for added comfort and easy wipe to clean.

2. Style:

This faux leather futon offers a modern style with a basic shape of frame. This space savvy design is easy to clean especially with elevated legs and chrome finish. The cup holder console add to the functionality and design.

3. Assembly:

This futon comes with everything needed for assembly. The hidden compartment at its base stores the legs and hardware. With minimal parts, set up is a breeze!

4. Functionality:

 Perfect for small spaces, this futon is well suited for any apartment or studio. By removing the armrest, and reclining the back rest, this futon easily converts into a sleeping bed for guest.

Built with entertainment in mind, the middle arm rest folds down with 2 cup holders so you and a friend can kick back and enjoy a couple of beverages. The back rest easily reclines and can be converted into a sleeping bed.

5. Dimensions:

SOFA – 66W X 32D X 32H (Inches) 62 lbs; PRODUCT DIMENSIONS – BED – 66W X 38D X 14H (Inches). It weighs about 62 lbs.

This espresso coffee-colored option is brilliant for those who want a contemporary design with a lighter color to match their interior. Sporting modern design, this futon fuses entertainment with the comfort with its middle cushion folding out to provide a cup holding option.

It is perfect for small spaces and easy to convert into a bed with just a single fold. Weighing just 62 pounds and dimensions of BED – 66W X 38D X 14H (Inches) this futon sleeper sofa fits in your home as well as your budget.

5. Walsunny Modern Faux Leather Couch

Some of the offered features by this sleeper sofa are:

1. Material:

The sofa is crafted from smooth faux leather with thick cushions and sturdy padding. The seats are supported by metallic chrome finished legs that don’t scratch the floor.

2. Style:

The smooth surface and minimal detail offer a modern style. The shiny legs contrast the dull upper and complement the look perfectly. The space savvy design is perfect for small living rooms and spaces.

3. Assembly:

It comes with detailed instructions in a manual with minimum assembly time of about 15-20 minutes.

4. Dimensions:

This futon measures 65.35 x 38.18 x 31.49 inches and bear a weight of about 68 pounds.

5. Warranty:

The seller offers a consumer friendly policy with free replacement or refund with any quality problems in 30 days and free for damaged/defective parts in 1 year.

One of our favorite entries on this list of sleeper sofa under 300 is this sleek, contemporary and modern couch. With just a price of 155 dollars, you can get this sleeper sofa with cup holders and armrests.

The sofa is crafted from smooth faux leather with thick cushions and sturdy paddings. This great living room option provides a foldable middle part that allows the cup-holding feature. The sleek and minimal approach to this design allows it to be a part of any setting, be it an apartment with limited space or a modern furnished living room. 

6. Adjustable Floor Couch

Lets take a look at the offered features by this sleeper sofa:

1. Material:

The upholstery is soft suede fabric that offers a raised surface which feels great on skin. The inner padding is soft but not saggable. The folding mechanism is supported by metallic bars and clangs.

2. Style:

This sleeper sofa offers a very cosy and casual look perfect for teenagers and gamers. With multiple positions to adjust and easy portability, this design is light on weight and budget.

3. Assembly:

This floor couch comes assembled and ready to use.

4. Functionality:

This sofa offers five Adjustable Positions and an ergonomic design with highly adjustable backrest for you to find a perfect reclining Position. It features thick cushioning and a strong back support with better support for your body weight. 

This floor sofa seating is designed for small house, and distinguished itself for its folding merit (find handle on the right and turn the wrench in a clockwise direction with with right hand, and fold backrest with left hand); it can also fold down flat enough that you can store it under your bed.

5. Dimensions:

With space savvy design and compact dimensions, this floor sofa offers overall dimensions 70.87’’L X 45.28’’W. The cushion height is 3.94’’ where as the backrest is 5.31’’ high. The pillow bears the dimensions 21.65’’L X 7.09’’W X 3.15’’H.

Next, on this list of affordable sleeper sofas, we present a vibrant and cosy option of this Floor couch with 5 foldable reclining positions.

The lovely turquoise is perfect to light up any boring living room. With a modern understanding of interiors, you will observe the use of accents to brighten up or highlight an area with mere incorporation of a sofa.

The floor sofa sleeper is an excellent choice for teenage gamers who spend most of their time on a couch holding a remote console. If you like bean bags and cosy ottomans, you might love the versatility this product has got to offer.

Under 160 dollars, you can get this plush sofa with two cushions and suede finish. The offered dimensions are; Overall Dimension: 70.87’’ L X 45.28’’ W  Cushion Height: 3.94’’; Backrest Height: 5.31’’  Pillow Dimension: 21.65’’ L X 7.09’’ W X 3.15’’H

What is a sleeper sofa?

Sleeper sofa is a marvel of technology that looks like a sofa but can be converted into a bed upon need. With a growing population and ever-inflating economy, space is a big issue, especially in urban areas. You have a limited apartment space and a lot to fit in. A sleeper sofa under 300 comes to your rescue by fulfilling two of your basic needs; sitting and sleeping.

Choosing the right type of couch cum bed can be tricky especially with so many options available. With growing competition in the market, sleeper sofas are becoming more advanced providing all the luxuries found in a regular high-end sofa.

Gone are the days when the main concern of the customer was to get his basic need fulfilled. Today’s evolved customer demands a product that is capable of delivering multiple aspects; comfort, style, functionality, durability and most importantly the price.

Is every sleeper sofa the same?

Before starting the hunt for the perfect sleeper sofa under 300 tailored to your needs, you might want to learn the different types of sleeper sofa under 300 available in the market. We have classified them in five main categories;

1. Futons:

This is the most basic type of sleeper sofa. It has a metallic or wooden frame with a mattress folded on top. When placed as a sofa, the mattress will be folded to from the seat and back of the sofa. The mattress is quite hard and might not be that comfortable to sleep. The folded aspect often leaves a bump in the opened mattress, when used as a bed. However, this is a budgeted option that can be used for emergency sleepovers.

2. Day Beds:

This is a single mattress that lies on a sofa frame. It involves no folding and simply lays there as a bed yet looking like a sofa due to the backing frame. Since back of the sofa supports no cushioning, its best for rooms with less use.

3. Standard Foldout:

This standard type of sofa springs out a complete mattress when opened. The mattress is covered with the regular canvas used for even bed mattresses. The upper layer of the sofa upholstery goes upside down when the mattress is opened to form a bed. This allows two separate upholstery surfaces to be used for two different uses. This might be the most comfortable sleeper sofa option but it depends upon mattress thickness mainly.

4. Pull Out Pop-ups:

As the name implies, a separate mattress pops up from below allowing you to have either a double or twin single beds. A separate mattress fits beneath the regular sofa held with metallic rods and bearings. You can pull the lower mattress up and either conjoin it with the upper sofa surface or keep it down to make room for twin mattresses.

5. Floor couch or sofa:

Another addition to this list is a legless couch that lies on the floor. With this option being popular in carpeted rooms, it’s relatively comfortable and easier to assemble. It looks chunky and cosy with modern padding solutions. The mattress is simply folded to make a couch and opened flat to make a bed.

What should I look for in a sleeper sofa?

With all the information digested above, we may want to look at some other aspects while making the purchase for a sleeper sofa. Some of them are shortlisted below;

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1. Size:

By size here we refer to the size of the bed as well as the available space. You might not want to move around too much furniture just to make space for a sofa. If you want to add a double bed space with limited availability, go with a pull-up or fold-out may be the best idea. Though mattresses come in different sizes; king, single or queen to aid you in making a perfect choice.

2. Which room is it going in?

Along with space, another aspect is the use of the room, where the sofa will be placed. If the sofa is being placed in a living room, where you spend most of your time, you would want it to be comfortable and attractive as a stand-alone sofa.

If it is going to be placed in a guest room with less traffic, you might want to invest in a budgeted day bed, which will be used less for sitting but more for sleeping.

3. Construction:

Look for hardwood frames for added comfort instead of metallic ones. Ensure a safe locking position of the mattress along with strong bearings used. A metal one might make creaking sounds after some use so it’s better to look for a durable alloy in the construction. 

A wooden frame is heavier than a metallic one though and even harder to move around. 

Sleeper sofas with legs might cause indentation on a carpeted surface, it’s better to go for a floor couch on a carpet especially if you have teenage couch potato gamers at home.

Is a sleeper sofa under 300 comfortable?

Yes, Most of the options are comfortable with great cushioning and padding. The comfort mainly depends upon the type of mattress, its size and folding mechanism. If comfortable sleep is your major concern, you might want to invest in a sofa that has deep spring coil cushioning and a fold-out king size.

Will a sleeper sofa under 300 dollars be as durable as a high-end one?

If you label the aspects of comfortable padding, strong frame and easy folding technique as “durability”, then yes a sleeper sofa with a nominal cost of $300 can provide you all these mentioned features.

How much weight can a sleeper sofa hold?

Every sofa seller usually answers this common query in their product description. However, the heavier the sofa itself the more weight it can bear. As a rough rule of thumb, a twin sleeper holds one person who weighs up to 250 pounds. Full-size sleepers hold twice that, supporting two people up to 250 pounds each. Queen sleepers support up to 600 pounds, and King sleepers up to 650 lbs. 


Sleeper sofa is a great option for conserving space and (now proved) money as well. The basic futon sofas listed above occupy even less space than the regular foldout ones. If you have a small apartment, you can choose that sleeper sofa under 300 dollars. 

The contemporary silhouette and modern design will go with about any setting and interior style and will never go out of style.

With great care and maintenance, these options will prove they’re worth more than the offered price.

We have conducted detailed research to bring you these sleeper sofas tailored to your needs. Let your kids enjoy their sleepovers and your guests enjoy a comfortable sleep with these 6 brilliant sleeper sofas right under your budget!

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