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13 Best Small Apartment Sectional Sofa

The selection of the best small apartment sectional sofa for a needs some serious consideration.

As the world is moving with a pace of light, the trend of nuclear families is prevailing.

People are looking for a small apartment sectional sofa, the concept of studio apartment has also been considered again.

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1. Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa with Linen

Another deal-breaker form Honbay is this light grey modern sectional sofa offering an L shape. It saves space with its reversible feature which is perfectly dimensioned as 78.5’’(L)*30.3’’(W)*35’’(H). It is easy to transport through the 32-inch front door.

The frame is hardwood with the firm and comfortable support that doesn’t sink in. a budgeted option for a small apartment that allows comfort and contemporary style that enlightens your room with its light earthen grey color.

2. Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa

This contemporary grey sectional sofa is offered by a well-reputed brand Rivet as Rivet Revolve Modern upholstered Sofa with Reversible Sectional Chaise.

It offers three-seater options with a side chaise that can be reversed and adhered to left or right. The side seats offer arm support that further adds to the comfort. 

Neutral color options allow you to place this chunky contemporary sofa anywhere in any setting. With a sofa and ottoman offering dimensions of 62.2″D x 79.9″W x 35.4″H

This sectional is capable of providing ample family time-space. 

3. Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Leather Sofa

Adding a high-end luxury to this list, we present this real leather sectional sofa by Rivet Aiden. It features wooden legs that complement the mid-century look of this design. 

The chaise is reversible with tufted stitch details. Side neck roll comes with this sofa adding to the comfort of this smooth leather sofa. The semi-vintage look of this sectional with dull black finish makes it adaptable to any interior. 

It is offered in dimensions of 86″W x 37″D x 33″H which provides ease of movability and setting.

4. Sectional Futon Leather Sofa Sleeper

Adding versatility to our list, we include a very functional sectional sofa that offers a futon sleeper as well. For small apartment holders who love to entertain guests, this is a perfect option.

The upholstered faux leather adds luxury to this functional piece making it a great choice for the living room. The warm and smooth finish of the surface entices you to spend some time on the couch while watching TV. 

This sofa cum bed offers a contemporary modern style with clean lines and rectilinear frame. The padding is firm and provides good back support while retaining its shape. 

The chaise is 75.2 inches long, which provides easy queen size lying down features. It comes with two separate square cushions that add to its comfort.

5.  L Shaped Sectional Sofa with Chaise

This L-shaped grey sectional is a great option for small apartments due to its reversible chaise and petite shape. It offers a clear cut silhouette perfect for a 400 sq ft apartment.

With linen fabric and wooden frame, the sofa holds its place and the round wooden legs complement the fabric. It contains high-density foam and kiln-dried hardwood for added durability. The elevated legs allow easy cleaning for a robot vacuum.

6.  Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

Next up, we have a modern contemporary sectional sofa by Honbay. This grey linen upholstered sofa holds the perfect dimensions for your small apartment. It offers reversible cushions and changeable orientation to adapt your interior setting without any fuss.

The ottoman can be shifted to other positions and might be used as a stand-alone stool. The mid-century look is enhanced with the use of dull grey polyester linen fabric that is made of multiple layers to trap the dust.

With couch dimensions 78.5’’(L)*30.3’’(W)*35’’(H) and weight-bearing of about 660 pounds, this is a durable and budgeted option for your apartment with limited space.

7. Divano Roma Modern Sectional Sofa

Our primary pick for your small apartment seating need is this beautiful light grey option offered by Divano Roma Furniture.

This is a three-seater sectional sofa that offers a reversible chaise. By reversible chaise, we mean that it has the tendency to be set as either a left-hand oriented seating sofa or vice versa. The Velcro attached to the base of these chunky cushions allows them to be manipulated. 

It offers a hardwood frame with wooden legs that complement the beautiful linen upholstery really well. The style is contemporary which provides comfort with plush and oversized cushions along with adaptability to about any sort of interior.

This sectional sofa has a strong presence and is about enough to seat a family comfortably. It is available in dimensions 76″W x 50″D x 28″H, Seat- 66″W x 22″D, Back Rest- 17″H

8. Homelegance Phelps fabric sectional sofa:

Next on the list is this great teal number offered by Homelegance as Phelps Fabric Reversible Chaise Sectional Sofa.

With dimensions of about : 64.50″; Seat Depth: 23.25″; Seat Height: 18.5″H this sofa provides three seating spaces with a chaise that is reversible and can be adjusted to left or right side as per your setting.

The style is contemporary with chunky filling and cushions. However, the tufted detail makes it different from the previous entry making it look more contained and elegant. No-fuss of extra cushions is added which gives straight lines and cleanliness to the frame.

The legs are black plastic whereas the inner frame is wooden. It can support about 300 pounds of weight.

9. Homelegance Clumber Reversible Chaise Sofa

A well-reputed brand “Homelegance” presents this beige colored sectional sofa with accent pillows perfect to enlighten your living space.

Reversible chaise makes it easier for you to set it up according to available space and orientation. Its hardwood frame makes it strong with the use of Dacron foam pocket coils filling. It can support up to 900 pounds.

The offered dimensions are 58.5 x 82 x 36.5 inches that are suitable to seat a family cozily and to move it through doors.

10. Divano Roma Modern White Sectional

This pure as a dove sectional sofa is presented by Divano Roma furniture. Made with Bonded Leather, this sectional offers a changeable chaise that can also be used as a stand-alone ottoman.

With the offered dimensions of 78″ x 54″ x 34″ this leather sofa is perfect to fit your living room. The chrome legs with white upholstery make it complement any light setting. 

This small apartment sectional sofa offers a contemporary silhouette with a rectilinear frame. The style is modern and would never overcrowd your space, opposed to what a leather sofa is notorious for.

11.  Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch:

Walsunny brings you a versatile coffee brown option to add some warmth to your living room. This convertible sectional sofa comes with a movable ottoman that can be adjusted as per available space.

With Dimensions of about 76.77’’(L)*49.4’’(W)*34.25’’(H) and weight-bearing capacity of 660 pounds, this sofa is ideal for your small apartment, upstairs loft and more.

It is easy to assemble with no tools required to help the process. The chaise is reversible thus adding to its functionality.

12. Lilola Home Luca Linen Sectional Sleeper Sofa

This modern contemporary option is provided to you by Lilola Home. The light grey tufted linen sectional sofa offers an additional functionality of chaise storage. The compartment opens up allowing you to place extra cushions or remote consoles.

It is offered with dimensions Seat Height 18.00″; Seat Depth 18.00″; Sleeper Sofa Dimensions 42.00″L x 71.00″W. Inner frame is solid wood and the upholstery is cotton blend fabric.

This sectional sofa opens up to form a bed making it ideal for small apartments. Unlike the other futons available, this sofa will provide a lying space of double bed as the L shaped chaise allows extra space.

13.  Jarreau Mid-Century Sectional Sofa

This beautiful teal sectional sofa is presented to you by a well-reputed seller “Signature Design by Ashley”. This timeless piece offers as a sleeper as well with its front stool opening up like a futon. 

It comes with a fixed chaise and a pull-out cushion that can be easily pulled out and stands on a steel frame. This unique feature makes it suitable for a small apartment.

The frame is strong and clean. The upholstery looks comfortable and well finished. This seller is known for its style and structure. 

Why Choose a Small Apartment Sectional Sofa?

Sectional sofas are a popular choice for furnishing an apartment with limited space. The main reason being its sections being mobile and able to adapt to any setting. 

Many sectional sofas come with four to seven components including; two-seater loveseats, single sofa and side pieces with armrests. Modern solutions even offer cup holders and compartments for placing television remote controls. Sectional sofas come in L shaped settings, round or simple linear settings.

With a complete set of sectional sofa bought and set you don’t really need to add any other piece to furnish your space. A complete sectional sofa set is capable of providing ample family seating and covers the area efficiently.

What to look for in a Small Apartment Sectional Sofa?

Selecting a sofa for a small apartment can be tricky as you need to ensure that the place doesn’t look overly occupied by furniture. In small apartments, you cannot place just any furniture piece because of the limited space availability. Therefore, while looking into the sofa selection for a small apartment you must be careful about:

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You would very much want to take the size of the sectional sofa, available seats and the available space present in your living room into consideration while making a purchase. Most of the choices offered in our article are best for small apartments sectional sofa since these options offer a contemporary style that gives ample space for seating a family.


With a lot of options available readily, you might want to observe the kind of style a sectional sofa offers. Choosing a contemporary style is often fuss-free and will go with about any setting, however, you are the better judge of where to put the sofa into use. If you have a classical setting at home, a mid-century inspired sectional would go best with it rather a contemporary one.


Sectional sofas these days come with additional features. Some offer reversible chaise that can be moved around to suit your preferred orientation. Many offer hidden storage compartments which prove to be very handy if you own a small apartment with limited storage space. It might offer a cupholder partition that can be folded out when needed.  


A sectional sofa has the capability of holding varying shapes and interchangeable components. The sections allow you to set the components according to your requirements.

Some of the common shapes offered are;

L- Shape Sectional Sofa

They offer seated sections with one end elongated to offer to lie down. They seem cozy and provide great space coverage, however, you need to be sure whether to place the longer side at the left-hand side or the right one especially if the seats are irreversible.

Curved Sectionals Sofa

Being aesthetically appealing, they break the monotony of rectilinear alignment. However, a curve takes extra space and cannot be set against a straight wall. If you like to have your sectionals float around in the center, you might love the shape.

Chaise sectionals

These offer an L shape as well with an extra chaise or ottoman offered that can be conjoined with one of the seats to provide leg elevation on a sofa. It allows more customization than a fixed L shaped sectional as you can freely move the chaise around for adjustment.

Fabric choice:

The most common choice while choosing a sectional sofa for small apartments is Cotton blend fabric maybe because it’s cheaper in price and durable in use. However, depending upon your requirement and taste, you can opt for a polyester, faux leather or even an original one.



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A 3 – Piece Sectional sofa provides plenty of seating without overfilling the space. it rather elevates your room by providing ample negative space.

This sofa set displays a brilliant L-shape, that helps define the room’s layout and optimizes the space. Having a 3-Piece sectional sofa in your apartment can give you room for other essentials like tables, shelves, ottomans, and lamps.


The versatility of a reversible sectional sofa makes it a perfect match for small apartments. These sofas feature modular designs.

In case you need extra space in your room, these sofas can be rearranged. The modular design makes it easy to add plenty of comfortable seating in your living room without overcrowding it.


Sleeper sectional sofas feature beds that fold up underneath their cushions.

This handy feature of a bed added to a sofa makes these sectionals ideal for anyone living in a small space. Therefore they work as a convertible convenient solution for those who frequently host guests overnight but do not have enough space to spare.

Now that we have got a comprehensive guide on why and how to choose a sectional sofa for a small apartment, let’s take a look at some great options available readily on amazon for you to invest in.

Why is a Sectional Sofa good for a Small Apartment?

Sectional sofas are a popular choice for furnishing an apartment with limited space. The main reason being its sections being mobile and able to adapt to any setting. We will try to break down some advantages of having a sectional sofa in a small apartment.

1. Functionality:

Modern sectionals provide more than just a seating space. They come with recliners, cup holders, storage spaces and much more. A sectional sofa allows you to add functions in limited space thus being good for a small apartment.

2. Space coverage:

A sectional sofa allows you to configure its modules in multiple ways. This allows you to cover the area as per available space. A three-seater with a long chaise would give you enough space to seat four. Thus it allows you to have breathing space in your living area without much hassle. A handy guide of 6 best sectional sofa 80 inches will let you review some great average-sized sectional sofas.

3. Adaptable setting:

The ease of configuring the shape of the sectional sofa makes it easier to change the setting according to available space. This allows you to make efficient use of space in a small apartment.

4. Ease of moving:

You can move sections of the sofa individually that make it easy to move around and be light in weight.

5. Ample seating:

With a complete set of sectional sofa bought and set you don’t really need to add any other piece to furnish your space. A complete sectional sofa set is capable of providing ample family seating and covers the area efficiently. 

6. Compact unit:

A sectional sofa comprises multiple modules that can be conjoined to provide larger seating space. Such a compact unit has a strong presence in a living scape. With efficient seating and setting, you do not need to add any more seating sofas to complete the picture. Review Top 10 sectional Sofa under 1000 for a better idea.

Most of the interior designers agree that adding multiple small pieces makes the room cluttered, so to simplify things, it’s better to add a compact large unit like a sectional sofa that can provide ample negative space to balance the view.


Having a small apartment comes with its limitation of space. You have to be careful with every purchase since not everything is going to fit well. You have to take your existing interior and the existing materials into consideration so as not to overcrowd the place.

But with our handy guide of 13 best small apartment sectional sofa, you have ample options to choose from. With the mentioned features and flaws, you just have to find the right fit for your apartment. 

An apartment might be small, but with the efficient use of space and furniture, you can dynamically change its overlook!

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