Best 12 Small Sofa for Bedroom Sitting Area

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A bedroom is your ultimate place of rest after a tiring day. It hosts all your stuff for the night. You have your sleep routine established around that room. You switch on the TV for lazy entertainment or read a book while being cozy. Won’t you prefer adding more functions and features in your room to entertain yourself while you drift back to sleep? A cozy sitting area in your bedroom sounds about the perfect place to wind out before finally going to sleep. That is where a small sofa for bedroom sitting area comes to help you out.

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Best Small Sofa for Bedroom sitting area:

Now that we have observed some ingenious methods of adding some extra seating space, let’s take a look at the small sofa for bedroom sitting area available on the web:

1. Emily Futon Small Sofa for Bedroom sitting area Couch by DHP:

This neutral grey tones contemporary sofa that doubles as a bed. This is a highly functional option that allows you to use it for extra sleeping space. This Futon serves as a small sofa for bedroom sitting area that serves two purposes with a single furniture piece.The tufted detail enhances its aesthetics while giving it a chunky look.

Let’s take a look at the offered features in detail:

a. Futon:

The great part of adding this sofa in your bedroom is that it allows you to sleep on it as well. Open it flat and it can be used as a vast sleeping surface. The back can be adjusted in multiple positions to adapt to your comfort.

b. Style:

The style is modern yet contemporary. It can be adjusted to any sort of interior easily. The tufted stitched detail adds the required comfortable chunky look.

c. Weight:

The futon itself weighs 72.5 pounds and can accommodate about 600 pounds of weight.

d. Dimensions:

The couch is wide enough to seat two adults with 45x36x13 inches dimensions.

e. Assembly:

The product is shipped in a single box and is easy to assemble with all the tools included in the package.

f. Variety:

The seller offers to pair up this couch with matching ottomans and chaise to complete the look. It is available in multiple upholstery colors as well.

g. Material:

The upholstery material is washable linen with polyester and foam filling inside.

2. Contemporary Loveseat for Bed Room Sitting Area by Zinus Ricardo :

This comfortable contemporary loveseat with a compact design. With minimal detailing, this loveseat will adjust to any interior with any style. The cushions and padding are chunky that gives this furniture a strong presence. Semi tufted stitch detail on the back cushion breaks the monotony of this design.

Let’s take a detailed look at the offered features:

a. Material:

The upholstery material is polyester with foam and fiber used for filling cushions. The inner frame is made of wood.

b. Style:

The style of this couch is cotemporary with flared arms and semi tufted back cushions. The chunky silhouette has a strong presence in any area.

c. Dimensions:

This couch can host two adults with comfort while being 62 inches long, 31 inches wide and 31 inches high.

d. Assembly:

The assembly is easy with no tools required. The manual gives details regarding the assembling mechanism.

e. Warranty:

The sofa comes with a worry-free 1-year limited warranty.

3. Brittany Sofa for Small Bed Room Sitting Area by Novogratz :

This beautiful navy blue small sofa for bedroom sitting area that offers the functions of a futon as well. The linear quilted chunky back gives a modern yet sleek look to this design. The seller offers this couch with matching pieces to complement the look. Sidearms are chunky to allow easy body alignment. 

Let’s take a look at the offered features:

a. Sleeper:

A sitting area can be covered well with a sofa of this dimension. This futon allows you to avail of a wide sleeping space while providing a sleeping space as well. 

b. Material:

The upholstery is smooth and moisture-proof linen that is easy to wipe. The inner frame is sturdy hardwood with polyester and foam filling.

c. Weight:

This futon can bear 600 pounds of weight while being 84 pounds heavy itself.

d. Style:

This futon offers a modern and sleek silhouette that looks great in a contemporary or modern interior. The quilted details add a great appeal to this design while making it comfortable.

e. Dimensions:

The couch can host two people comfortably while allowing one adult to sleep on it cozily. The dimensions of the couch are 70.5L x 43.5W x 16H whereas the dimensions of the futon are 81.5 inches L x 34.5 inches W x 31.5 inches H.

4. Hunter Loveseat for Small Sitting Area by Stone and Beam:

They offer this contemporary emerald green loveseat with tufted detail. The low back offers a great seating option without hindering any view. This design has a vintage feel to it with the rough and tough look and tufted detail. The elevated sleek legs leave ample negative space around to allow breathing space.

Let’s take a look at some important features:

a. Reversible cushions:

This luxurious design offers reversible seats. You can keep on tossing the sides to prevent sagging and to keep the cleaner side up.

b. Style:

This great design offers a contemporary silhouette with a vintage vibe. Such designs have a unique capability to adapt to modern and old-time designs. 

c. Material:

The upholstery is plush velvet that is soft to touch and feel. The fabric is durable with a solid wooden frame. The surface can be vacuumed for cleaning.

d. Warranty:

The seller offers 30-day returns and a three-year warranty.

e. Dimensions:

The couch measures 69″W x 36″ D x 31″H.  with 125 pounds weight.

5. Prospect Loveseat for Bed Room Sitting Area by Belleze :

This vanilla white contemporary loveseat with a beautifully curved back. The tufted back with low height does not block any view and provides an upright back support. The silhouette is contemporary modern with block wooden legs that add height and elegance to this design. The design works beautifully as a small sofa for bedroom sitting.

The offered features are:

a. Material:

The upholstery is 100% polyester that is stain proof and easy to clean. Legs and inner frames are wooden.

b. Style:

Cotemporary style is fused with heavy tufted detail at the back. This makes the design comfortable for a modern and semi-modern interior.

c. Low back:

The curved and low back makes it ideal for placing it in front of a window. With Product Dimensions: 28.5″L x 49″W x 29.5″H, it takes up compact space while providing room to seat two people.

d. Weight:

The product itself weighs 46 pounds with the 285-pound weight capacity.

e. Variety:

The seller offers this couch in multiple colors to suit your interior requirements.

6. Modern Settee by Belleze:

They offer this bench with a high back to adorn your bedrooms. This bench allows two adults to be seated comfortably with tufted detail at the back. This design offers formal seating with velvet upholstery. It is available in two neutral tones that are light enough to brighten a corner. Carved wooden legs add an accent to this rectilinear design.

Some of the offered features are:

a. Upholstery:

Textured velvet is used for upholstery that gives a smooth finish to this design. The color is rich and intense that adds a new dimension to this design.

b. Material:

The dense foam has an extra inch of padding more than the average 5″ used in other love seats for added comfort. Plush foam wrapped in a layer of fiber makes for a firm yet comfortable seat. The backrest features 2″ padding starting at the top then curving down to 3 1/4″ for an ergonomic design. High-density foam and Rubber Wood used through out the frame creates a durable and cozy love seat. Wood legs finished in a dark hue for a minimalist look.

c. Assembly:

The assembly process is easy with no extra tools required.

d. Style:

The high tufted back features contemporary style that complements any interior. The bright velvet upholstery highlights the area with its presence.

e. Dimensions:

The sofa offers overall dimensions of 50″(W) x 32-3/4″(L) x 40-1/2″(H). 

7. Folding Sofa Divano Roma :

They offer this bright and fresh colored futon that is great for highlighting any sitting area. The silhouette is basic and cotemporary with sleek elevated legs for height and negative space. The tufted chunky cushions give a comfortable look. It features multiple positions to be aligned as per the demand of the user.

Let’s take a deeper look at the features:

a. Style:

This futon offers a contemporary and modern style with a basic frame shape. The chunky cushions enhance comfort and add a twist to the basic shape.

b. Split back:

The sofa offers the back that can be split into two sections. The split-back feature makes it suitable for adapting it according to two preferences. You can use this futon for maintaining four positions including sitting and sleeping.

c. Material:

The upholstery material is linen. A feature of this linen is that it is hypoallergenic. The inner frame is hardwood with chrome sleek legs. The inner filling is memory foam that prevents sagging and is ergonomic.

d. Dimensions:

The featured dimensions are 77″W x 31″D x 31″H inches, Flat Position: 70″ x 40″ inches, Seat Cushion: 70″W x 19″D, Seat Height: 18″ inches.

e. Colors:

The seller offers this design in multiple pop colors. This is a great design for adding an accent in a basic room.

8. Hamilton Futon by DHP:

This is a compact enough to allow a sitting space within a bedroom. A great feature offered here is the foldable sleeper that can be used as needed. The design is a basic rectilinear with chunky cushioned padding. The tufted straight cushions add comfort and aesthetic appeal to this basic contemporary design. 

Some notable features are:

a. Multi-position alignment:

The back is split into two parts. Both of these parts can be used for separate alignment. The positions can be configured in four different ways including a sleeper and sitter.

b. Dimensions:

The dimensions offered by this futon are 37.5x 71x 32.5 inches for sitting. The sofa weighs 88 pounds.

c. Material:

The inner frame is metallic that allows foldable clings. However, the legs are maintained in a wooden finish that makes it a unique option than the other chrome legs. The upholstery material is plush microfiber fabric.

d. Reinforcement:

The sofa cum bed includes center legs for additional support and felt padding under the feet to protect floors from scrapes and scratches.

e. Color options:

This basic futon is available in grey and black neutral shades.

f. Warranty:

DHP offers a one-year warranty for this futon.

9. Novogratz Leila loveseat:

This brilliant and simple daybed is offered by Novogratz. This offers a loveseat with folded arm flaps. The flaps can be opened fully to increase the seating space and act like a straight bench. The jet black upper is complemented with sleek chrome legs. The back is straight and stays at its place. These multiple configurations allow it to adapt to even small spaces. Pair this black loveseat with a patterned rug and a cushion, and you get your bedroom a perfect makeover. This is a great addition of a small sofa for bedroom sitting area.

Let’s take a look at the offered features in detail:

a. Storage pocket:

The sidearm features a storage pocket that can be used to store books or magazines. Having extra pockets around always comes in handy.

b. Style:

This foldable sofa offers a contemporary style with a basic silhouette. The sofa can be placed in any contemporary or modern setting due to its rectilinear shape.

c. Optional sleeper:

The sidearm supports are foldable that allow this couch to be opened at 180 degrees for providing a wide space to lie on.

d. Assembly:

The couch is easy to assemble without the use of tools.

e. Dimensions:

The product dimensions are 56″ x 30″ x 32″ with a weight limit of 400 lbs. the sofa itself weighs 66 pounds.

f. Colors:

The seller offers this design in multiple colors including bright accent colors to lighten up your space.

10. Vintage Loveseat by Belleze :

This beautiful grey tufted sofa that is perfect for seating two adults cozily. It has a basic rectilinear frame with a vintage vibe to it. The side rolled arms and the button tufted detail makes it old school yet contemporary. The legs are polished in copper tones contrasting with a light tone upper. The sleek legs provide height to the sofa that makes it appealing to the eyes with lots of negative space.

Some notable features are:

a. Material:

Linen upholstery is supported with a wooden frame inside. The legs are carved out of wood and polished in a vintage manner. The seats and backs are filled with highly resilient foam.

b. Style:

This sofa offers a contemporary style with a vintage vibe due to the details and side rolled arms. The high-elevated seats standing on sleek legs leave lots of breathing space for the design. The high back with low arms provides better back and posture support.

c. Dimensions:

The offered dimensions of this sofa are 28″(L) x 54-1/4″(W) x 36″(H). the sofa itself weighs about 56 pounds and can support about 300 pounds on it.

d. Colors:

It is available in two neutral tones including grey and beige.

e. Assembly:

It’s easy to assemble and comes with a manual.

11. Modern Convertible Folding Futon Sofa Bed

This is a great space saver design of a small sofa for bedroom sitting area that allows conversion into a lounger or a sleeper. The basic contemporary silhouette can complement any type of interior setting. It offers two cup holders in the middle compartment that makes it a great entertainment option. The side armrests are removable and allow great posture support. With its light color, it can brighten up any corner or sitting area. Some notable features are mentioned below:

a. Futon:

The sofa allows three back adjustment options that allow the metallic frame to click at a lounging position or full sleeper position. This makes it a space-savvy option for entertaining guests as well.

b. Material:

The upholstery is linen with chrome legs and a metallic frame that allows foldable alignment.

c. Colors:

This futon is available in grey and beige tone to match any interior.

d. Cup Holders:

The center part is foldable. When opened fully, it reveals two cup holders. This is a great lounging feature that gives a formal look to the design.

e. Assembly:

With a zip-up compartment in its base for storing legs and hardware, this futon assembles quickly and easily.

12. Loveseat by Rivet Cove :

A contemporary and cozy small sofa for bedroom sitting area that will complement a modern to old school interior. With basic frame and tufted detail at the back, this sofa provides chunky padded comfort in looks as well as in feel. The frame is supported with sleek wooden legs that provide the right height to the seats for a better posture. Let’s take a look at the offered features:

a. Style:

The sofa offers a contemporary style that can be used in lounges, bedrooms and even study rooms. The mid-century vibe is provided by the tufted detail and straight cushion shape.

b. Material:

The upholstery is polyester fabric supported by a hardwood frame. The material is easy to clean and moisture-proof.

c. Dimensions:

The offered dimensions are 32.7″W x 33.9″ D x 35.4″H. The sofa weighs 73 pounds itself.

d. Reversible cushions:

The cushion seats are reversible that lengthen the life of a sofa. You can always maintain the perfect side up.

e. Assembly:

The sofa can be assembled in no time and comes with 30 days of free returns.

f. Colors:

The sofa is available in multiple colors and material options including denim, polyester and faux leather.

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Tips for adding a sitting area in a bedroom:

There can be a variety of ways to deck a sitting area in your bedroom. You can have a proper allotted place for it with an elevated floor or you can have a chunky small sofa for bedroom sitting area to allow a temporary abode. Let’s take a look at some brilliant ideas that you can use for changing the outlook of your bedroom:

1. Add a corner chair:

If you have limited space and you want to make your room look complete, you can adjust a corner chair. It can brighten up any corner and extend the seating space in your room. Just make sure the dimensions are perfectly aligned to the available space while leaving enough negative space to move around.

2. Add a chair with stool:

If you prefer reading books or reviewing magazines, a comfortable chair with a stool to rest your feet is the best option. It allows you to semi lie down while being upright enough to allow proper back support. This complete set makes a room look complete while adding a great luxury look to the area.

3. Recliner:

Recliners are great entertainment stations. These allow you to unwind on a chunky seat with adjustment features. You can place it in front of a TV to enjoy the night or can use your laptop for working comfortably. A single chair takes up less room and if you have extra space to spare, you can always invest in a dual recliner sofa.

4. Workstation:

If you are a workaholic or you have a job that allows work from home, a workstation by your bed would be the right choice for you. It would allow you to have the comfort of work at home and it will give your room a new corporate twist. 

A workstation can also be used as a gaming station. If you are a YouTuber or a pro gamer, set up a workstation with PC and utilities in your room and enjoy working with a perfect decore addition.

5. Loveseat:

Having a loveseat in the bedroom is the coziest and safest idea. A loveseat can act as a small sofa for bedroom sitting area that has petite dimensions and serves to provide ample seating for two. Pair a loveseat with a contrasting rug and a front table, and give your room the vibe of extended comfort. Loveseats are adaptable to any decor.

6. Table with two chairs:

A coffee table with two stand-alone chairs is a great and safe addition to a bedroom. It makes a corner look complete and functional. The seating is formal with a lot of room for adding the required decoration. Pair the furniture with a floor rug and a vase for the table, and you have the best in-room dining space available.

7. Daybed or Futon:

Having an extra sleeping space available is always a good idea. You can invest in a day bed or futon that can convert to a sleeping solution upon need. It can especially come in handy with whiny toddlers who insist on co-sleeping. 

8. Bed bench or Settee:

A bed bench is a sitting option without back support. This bench allows ample seating without blocking the view from the back. You can place it beside a wall, beneath a window or beside the bed for added seating. It can make the room look complete. Some benches offer extra storage space that can come in handy for storing bed linen.

Is a single Small Sofa for bedroom sitting area enough to add in a bedroom?

Having a two-seater sofa or a compact loveseat in a sitting area is enough for a limited space. Pair the loveseat with a rug and some cushions, you will achieve the complete look for the sitting area.

Can a Small Sofa for bedroom sitting area be used for in-room dining?

If you place a small sofa beside the wall and add a table in front of it, you can have it as a surface for enjoying your meals inside the bedroom.


A sitting area is a great addition to any bedroom. It can provide extra space to relax and you can adapt it to your night habits. A sitting space in a bedroom tells a lot about your preferences. You can set the perfect sofa for reading a book, watching a movie or even working from home.

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A small sofa for bedroom sitting area is the highlight of a corner. You get to arrange and set things around that sofa because you know that at the end of the day, that is where you are going to end up. Not all of us prefer eating in the bed or lying on it except for sleeping. We all need to have “the chair” that can hold our favorite stuff and habits. 

With the above options of a small sofa for bedroom sitting area, you have a great variety for making a choice according to your requirements. You can choose from a daybed, lounger, formal chair, loveseat or a full fledge futon bed.

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