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Best 10 Sofa Bed for Studio Apartment

A studio apartment brings its own pros and cons. It’s a cozy setting with everything in one place, sounds lovely right? But what about the limitations of space? How to scoot in some extra sleeping space without dismantling the whole place down? The best sofa bed for a studio apartment is your ultimate solution for space-related worries.

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A good sofa bed will let you sleep on it comfortably while allowing it to fold as a sofa. You can fold your bed and have ample space to host some guests on the sofa. The growing population is urging manufacturers to come up with multipurpose inventions and a sofa bed has been around for a long time to bring you modern variations. Sofa beds these days serve more than a basic function. They are great in aesthetics and comfort with an easy working mechanism.

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Why a sofa bed is best for a studio apartment?

A studio apartment lets you have a single room for a kitchen, lounge, and bedroom. This multipurpose room requires multipurpose furniture for the best use of space. A sofa bed is ideal for a studio room because:

1. It can serve as a great bed for you to sleep on. By the day you can fold it up neatly for ample space to move around while you can open it up at night to sleep cosily.

2. You can always have an extra sofa bed set in a corner to accommodate some guests at night.

3. A sofa bed saves space in an efficient setting. You can always fold it up to host a party without a bed crowding the space.

4. A sofa bed can be great on a budget. Modern comfortable options let you sit on it with comfort and you don’t have to worry about buying an extra mattress to accommodate guests.

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Best Sofa Beds for Studio Apartment:

Let’s take a look at some great options available on the web suitable for a studio apartment.

1. DHP Emily Futon:

DHP is a renowned brand for functional furniture. This futon that can be converted into a bed with just a fold. The seller offers this sofa in a set as well. So you can choose the size that fits.

The classical design features a contemporary design that complements any interior. The tufted detail enhances the design and adds to its comfort. Silver sleek legs elevate the height for comfortable leg posture while sitting.

The dimensions are great for a single person sleeping on it. The back offers the multifold option. You can either fold one half of the whole sofa for customized comfort.  Its available in multiple colors. However grey is always a safe option. Such design and color will not overcrowd the place.

Things we like:

✅ Cotemporary design.

✅ Tufted design detail enhancing the sofa shape.

✅ Sleek design takes up lesser space.

✅ Since the back is foldable in multiple positions, the sofa can be used as a recliner 

✅ The height of the sofa is good for sitting as well as for a bed.

✅ The linen is easy to maintain and sturdy.

Things we don’t like:

❌The 6-inch mattress might need a topper for daily use.

2. Signature Design by Ashley Larkinhurst sofa bed:

This chunky sofa might deceive you in looks but it actually is a full-sized pull out bed. Signature Design by Ashley brings you this hefty sofa upholstered with faux leather. The seats and back are heavily padded for comfort.

The sofa offers a classic vintage look that will attract old school lovers. The finish is rough and tough that disguises scuff marks and dust. The sofa is crafted with a corner-blocked frame with tight back and loose seats. Bi-fold queen-sized inner mattress can be pulled out through a sturdy frame.

The sleeper sofa is comfortable enough for everyday use. The hardwood frame makes it heavy to move so it stays at its place just like a high-quality bed. It comes assembled and ready to use.

Things we like:

✅ A comfortable queen-sized bed comes out of the sofa.

✅ Vintage faux leather upholstery is easy to wipe.

✅ The classic color is great for blending in any interior.

✅ Nailhead trims add a classy touch to the aesthetics.

✅ It comes with accent patterned pillows.

✅ It is as comfortable to sit as to sleep.

Things we don’t like:

❌The sofa is chunky and classical, be sure to match it with complementing interior. It won’t suit a modern furnished apartment.

 3. Emily Modern sofa bed:

This vanilla white sleeper sofa is presented by Emily. The best part about this sofa is its dimensions. This can easily fit two people to sleep snugly. The sofa is multipurpose and can be folded in multiple ways. You can use it with the elongated chaise or even as a half.

The faux leather gives it a clean and smooth look. Such a light tone will make the space look vast. Chrome legs add a futuristic aspect to this modern design complimented with tufted details.

It can easily fit in any area with a straight silhouette. As a sofa it can seat about three people thus proving it’s a space saver. The L shaped alignment adds a direction to the living area with great space coverage.

Things we like:

✅ Lighter upholstery that makes the area look wide.

✅ Faux leather upholstery is easy to clean.

✅ The Multifold option allows for multiple functionalities.

✅ It provides a large sleeping area.

✅ The chaise is convertible and allows adapting to orientation.

Things we don’t like:

❌The 6-inch mattress is not comfortable for daily sleeping. Top it up with quilts and mattress pads.

4. FDW Sectional Sofa Futon:

FDW brings you this faux leather sofa, which serves as a large sleeping space as well. It offers an L shaped sofa with a 75.2-inch long chaise that can be set at either left or right. You have to be precise while making a purchase for a right one or a left one.

The chaise can be used as a day bed; whereas the package consists of an ottoman as well that can be conjoined to provide a full bed for sleeping at night. The ottoman can be used as a sitting stool by the day. It features like extra storage space that always comes in handy especially in a studio apartment.

The sectional sofa offers two pieces that make it easy to transport through hallways. The faux leather surface is easy to clean in case of a spill. The inner frame is solid wood with high resilience foam padding. It features a pull-out bed that works like a trundle. You can pull it out for sleeping and easily tuck it back again in the morning.

Things we like:

✅ Smooth Faux leather is easy to clean.

✅ The headrest is adjustable.

✅ Easy to pull out trundle bed.

✅ Ottoman offers storage.

✅ Cushions come along the sofa.

✅ L shaped chaise offers day bed features.

✅ High resilience sponge does not let the seats sink in

Things we don’t like:

❌Some customers complain about the faux leather being stiff and smells like vinyl.

5. Milliard Tri-fold foam folding mattress:

Milliard offers a great option to entertain the guests overnight with limited space, storage, and budget. It’s basically a mattress than can be folded in three parts to provide seating space.

If you want to add extra space without adding another sofa to your space, go for this mattress. The main benefit it has over other mattresses is that you don’t have to worry about storing it under a bed or in a corner, you can simply tri-fold it to get a functional sofa seater.

It’s a great option for dorms, video gamers and toddlers since the low height makes it easy to climb and lie on. It features a queen-sized mattress that comfortably accommodates two people. It is made of CertiPUR Certified high-density Foam so your bed doesn’t sag and is light and portable enough for use while traveling.

Things we like:

✅ Easy to open and convert on a sofa.

✅ Vast queen-sized mattress for sleeping.

✅ Easy to store.

✅ Sleek dimensions for putting against a wall.

Things we don’t like:

❌Its low height might not be suitable for most of the adults for daily use.

 6. DHP Halle Day bed and Trundle:

DHP offers a beautiful day bed that offers a trundle bed to be used for the night. It features high side arms that offer snug support while sitting or using it as a day bed. The headrest offers a beautiful curve that signifies it from the other rectilinear interior.

Faux leather upholstery is supported with wooden frame. A trundle bed can be pulled out to feature a sleeping bed. This enables two average heightened adults to sleep at night. This product does not come with a mattress, you have to purchase a 6-inch twin-sized mattress separately. It weighs about 130 pounds and is a great wall-hugging furniture piece.

Things we like:

✅ The day bed features clean and simple design lines that will complement any interior.

✅ A pull-out trundle is a bonus feature with twin-sized mattress space.

✅ The wooden frame offers support and rigidity.

✅ Black faux leather upholstery is easy to clean.

Things we don’t like:

❌You have to buy the mattress separately. DHP is merely offering this beautiful frame.

7. Professional Deals LLC Loveseat sofa:

Professional deals LLC offers this petite loveseat that offers a pull out bed. The design is contemporary with straight lines. Such a neutral color will complement any interior without making it heavy. You can use this loveseat to seat two people snugly and one person can easily sleep on it at night.

The sofa bed is easy to convert and the chunky seta offers great comfort. The wooden frame is complemented with pocket coil seating that makes it durable and comfortable for even daily use. It features dark espresso colored legs that are great for support and aesthetics.

The sofa is easy to assemble and the petite dimensions make it easy to move around. It’s available in multiple colors to choose from. The upholstery material is polyester that is durable and easy to dust off.

Things we like:

✅ Modern design lines.

✅ Chunky seating and pocket coil construction.

✅ This sofa offers a pull-out bed that is supported with pocket coils.

✅ 57 inch loveseat offers compact dimensions.

Things we don’t like:

❌Polyester might feel firm on skin contact when using this sofa as a bed.

 8. Homelegance Ferriday sectional sleeper:

Homelegance brings you a great sleeper sofa with L shaped alignment. It consists of two sections: two-seater and a long chaise with storage. The sleeper is offered as a pull-out trundle that provides a  wide space for sleeping.

The headrest is adjustable with recline ability. The inner wooden frame enhances the durability with polyester upholstery adding to the aesthetics. The robust plywood frame allows up to 600 pounds of weight. It is available in multiple colors to choose from.

The side arms are curved and padded with an extra layer for style and comfort. The white stitch detail enhances the inner foam and Dacron filling. Pocket coil innerspring provides durability and anti-sag protection.

Things we like:

✅ The two-seater is complemented with a right-sided long chaise.

✅ The chaise offers a storage box.

✅ Polyester upholstery with wooden frame makes it durable.

✅ The back headrest is adjustable.

✅ Pull out trundle bed offers a large space to sleep on.

Things we don’t like:

❌Some customers complain about the chrome legs of the sofa being not very durable.

 9. Lilola Home Lucca Linen:

Lilola home brings you this contemporary sectional sofa with a long chaise and a trundle bed. The linen upholstery is enhanced with tufted detail. Hard wooden frame makes it heavy with 192 pounds. It’s easy to assemble and a space-savvy option for studio apartments.

It is great to seat three people with lying capacity of one. The long chaise makes it work like a day bed. The chaise has a storage compartment that works well for a studio apartment. It will provide you ample space to cover your living area. You would not have to add another sofa since this sofa occupies space efficiently.

Things we like:

✅ Neutral color options to complement any interior.

✅ Cotton blend fabric upholstery is easy to maintain.

✅ The solid wooden frame offers durability.

✅ Cotemporary and modern silhouette makes it easy to adjust in any small or large area.

Things we don’t like:

❌The foam padding might seem hard for some customers.

 10. Signature Design by Ashley Alenya queen sleeper:

This chunky and cozy sofa sleeper is offered by signature designs by Ashley. The queen-sized sofa sleeper is larger enough to accommodate two people for sleep. The sleek mid-century design will adapt well to any setting.

Plush upholstery is made with polyester/ nylon blend. The sofa comes with two decorative pillows to provide a complete look. It comes with raised side arms for added comfort. The dimensions of the sofa are wide enough to seat three people.

It offers a pull-out bed that is easy to fold. The bi-fold innerspring mattress is comfortable for daily use. High resiliency foam cushions are wrapped in thick poly fibre for added comfort.

Things we like:

✅ Chunky cushions with heavy padding.

✅ Queen sized dimensions with three seating positions as a sofa.

✅ Neutral color for easy interior adaptation.

✅ The innerspring mattress that is suitable for daily use.

✅ Two complimentary cushions for added aesthetics.

✅ Wide pull out sleeping bed.

Things we do not like:

❌Some customers complain about the poor customer service provided by Ashley furniture.

How to choose the best sofa bed for a studio apartment?

Having observed some great options for a studio apartment, lets take a keen look at the aspects to look forward while making the final purchase:

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 Choose a sleek daybed:

Try choosing a design that is sleek and offers clean lines. A basic frame will let you settle the daybed anywhere. Plus a daybed is easy to wrap up and fold-out. It does not require moving things dramatically to clear up space as in case of a pull out bed.

Choose a bed that is easy to convert:

Look for a sofa bed that is easy and light to open up. A heavy frame will be hefty to move and open daily. You don’t want to bend your back daily just to go to sleep! Smart sofa beds come with no open option as well just like a daybed.

 Pick the right size:

Sofa beds come in multiple sized mattresses. If you live alone, a queen-sized bed offered in a loveseat is the best option. It will be enough to seat two. If you live as a couple, consider a bigger size or two twin futons.

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Consider a chair bed for a corner:

If you are looking for a sofa bed that is not going to be used primarily by you, choose a chair bed for a cute corner. In case of accommodating guests, you can open it up without having to make major amendments. Plus a chair in a corner is always a good idea aesthetically.

 Go for a comfortable mattress:

If you are planning to use the sofa bed daily, look for a comfortable mattress. You don’t want a thin mattress to deform your back. Top it up with mattress pads and quilts for added comfort. Otherwise, you always have the option of comfortable pull-outs with thick mattresses.

 Try a bold color:

Having one sofa that serves as the centerpiece and a bed, calls for an eye-striking design. Try having an accent color that can be paired up with neutral rugs and accessories. Having a striking color will enlighten the crowded place with an eye-catching statement.

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A well-settled sofa bed in a studio apartment can be a head-turner. Pair the best sofa bed for a studio apartment with our tips and tricks and you will have the best investment of your life.

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