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The Best Living Room Sets with Sectionals

Living room sets are an affordable way to furnish your living room or any room in your home on a budget. They’re a stress-free, simplified way to ensure that your home is looking well-designed and cohesive, without spending much time, or money, trying to decorate and furnish your home.

There are a lot of different living room sets on sale today. We previously did a post here on The Sofa Love all about living room sets for cheap featuring living room sets under $300, $500, and $700. Many of you found that post extremely useful when trying to furnish your living room and on a tight budget. With that previous post, we discussed how living room sets for cheap don’t have to be cheap in quality and style. Finding the right sectional sofa that offers ample seating within $300,$500 and $700 is hard but not impossible.

The living room is the main area where you and your family spend quality time together. You all watch TV together, crack jokes together and share the day together in the comfort of the living room set. That living room set needs to be comfortable enough to sit for a long time and at the same time, it needs to be stylish enough to brag about.

This post is going to dive into a more popular style of living room sets on sale, living room sets sectional. Many people today with growing families or just wanting more Netflix watching space are opting for living room sets sectional and especially living room sets modern. Below, we’ll go through the best living room sets sectional on the market today.



Honbay has quite a few affordable options especially if you’re looking for living room sets for cheap. This living room sets modern features a sectional sofa in an L-Shape and a storage ottoman as well with the option to purchase an additional ottoman tray as well. Although it isn’t a complete living room set for cheap, it is of great quality and definitely stars putting your living room in the right direction in terms of decor and furnishings. 


This Honbay living room sets sectional is made from a breathable, soft, and durable fabric. What’s so great about this material is that it’s also non-balling. The sofa itself is made from solid, sturdy wood and the seat cushions have pocket coils and serpentine springs as well. 


This living room sets a modern design with an adjustable sectional design. If you’re looking for adding more floor space in your living room you can move the ‘L’ cushion and simply have a four-seater couch. Looking for more seating space, the ottoman and ‘L’ cushion can be added to create a variety of different sectional configurations. 

The dimensions of this sofa are 101.6″ x 50″ x 33.5″ in size and can hold up to 660 lbs. The ottoman is 34.7″ x 23.6″ 17.7″ 


Honbay designed this sectional to be of a modern design and quite fashionable as well. It’s decorated with a golden nailhead which adds a nice detail and a little touch of something to elevate the couches appearance. That being said, although the couch is in blue color, it works as a neutral and is suitable in just about any decor style. 


The living room sets sectional comes in four boxes which may seem a little daunting to put together. However, this sectional set is high-quality and extremely easy to put together with no tools required for assembly at all. 



Another popular option is the Casa Andrea Milano 3 Piece Living room sets modern. This sectional sofa comes with a chaise lounge and ottoman, giving your living room all the comfy seating you need. 


Available in three different colors, this Casa Andrea Milano 3 Piece Living room set is made from a microfiber suede upholstery material. The base of the sectional is made from a sturdy hardwood frame. The great thing about having the sectional be from 100% polyester microfiber fabric is that if any spills or messes happen on the couch, you can easily wash it. 


This sectional couch is 35″ x 112″ x 84″ and the ottoman is 20″ x 32″ x 26″ in size as well.


This suede microfiber sectional is definitely a more affordable option when it comes to living room sets. That being said, it’s still very trendy with its classic upholstered appearance and neutral color scheme. It’s something that can go well with any decor style and with a few throw pillows and blankets, will look like a million bucks! 


Everything you need to assemble these living room sets for cheap is included in the packaging. All hardware is actually concealed underneath the sofa and the sofa will be dust-covered when it’s shipped so you don’t have to really worry about much assembly at all. 


 UNIROI Piece Living Room, 3 Seats Loveseat Single Chair Sofa Set, 1+2+3 Grey

If you’re looking for a larger living room sets on sale, this 3 piece set from Uniroi may be right up your alley. This set comes with a 3-seater sofa, a 2-seater loveseat, and an armchair as well, giving you the complete living room set for one, affordable price tag. 


If you’re looking for a complete living room sets for cheap, this is one of your best options available at the moment. This Uniroi 3 Piece living room set comes with everything you need to furnish your living room for one, affordable price. This Uniroi Living Room Set follows a 3+2+1 design with including: 

  • 3 Seater Sofa 

  • 2 Seater Love Seat 

  • 1 Arm Chair 

Although a sectional isn’t included in this set, we definitely thought it was worth mentioning and something that you could create with an additional ottoman added to your space. 


The sofa’s dimensions are 31″ x 74.8″ x 29.5″ in size. The Loveseat is 31.1″ x 64″ x 29.5″ in size. The arm chair is 31″ x 43.3″ x 29.5″ 


The design of this living room sets for cheap is pretty simple. It features generously stuffed cushions that are filled with high-density foam with spring reinforcements so that the seating is comfortable, especially for long periods of time. The furniture pieces are upholstered with a double stitched thick soft polyester blend fabric which makes spot cleaning a breeze. 


Lilola Home Casanova 7Pc Modular Sectional Sofa with Ottoman

If you’re looking for a lot of seating when searching the market for living room sets sectional or living room sets modern designs, this Lilola Home Casanova sectional sofa set features 7 pieces to give you all the seating you could possibly need…and more! Although it’s a little pricer than the other options mentioned above, you are definitely paying for an increase in quality and also, of course, seating space. 


Although this sectional living room set is more expensive than the other ones above, it’s definitely made a little nicer than a lot of other living room sets you’ll find today. The material of this living room sets on sale is made from a modern, upholstery linen material. The base of the sectional is solid and sturdy wood and definitely feels higher end than some other sets available today. 


This sectional comes with 7 different pieces that you can arrange and move around as needed. So you can really make the sectional as big or as small as you would like. Important sizes to take into consideration include the seat height which is 18″ and the seat depth which is 21.” The ottoman also measures 34″ x 26″ x 18″ as well to give you more perspective on the sizing of this living room set. 


The style is very modern of this living room sets on sale. It can be arranged practically any way that you would like a coming in a grey, linen material makes it modern and stylish, yet practical. There are also 6 accent pillows included with the sectional living room set which gives your living room a complete makeover with just one Amazon order! 


When it comes to adding a complete living room set sectional to your living room, there is a lot of great affordable options on the market today. We hope our post helped you get a better idea of your options to comfortably and affordably furnish your living room on a variety of different budgets. 

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