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The Best Storage for Your Sofa

When it comes to furnishing your home and more specifically your living area, one of the most important things people take into consideration is the amount of storage space they can fit into that room. People have a lot of stuff and to make your home nice and organized, having a variety of clever ways to store things in your home will not help to clear up some of the clutter but make your home feel more organized and put together. 

If you have a smaller space or just looking for something that is multi-purpose, opting for furniture pieces such as a sofa storage table, sofa with storage, sofa bed with storage, or a sofa storage bed is a great, practical way to use the space. Since there are a lot of different types of sofa with storage on the market today, it’s important to take in a variety of different factors to ensure that you’re not only getting something that is functional, but high-quality as well. There are also a lot of benefits that come with getting a sofa with storage. After you read through this post, we’re confident that you will definitely be wanting to add more storage to your sofa or living room in one way or another. 


There are so many different benefits that come with getting a sofa bed with storage or a sofa with storage. We briefly mentioned them above, but below we’re going to go through some of the main benefits that come with opting for a sofa that features hidden storage compartments instead of a traditional sofa. 

Holiday Decorations Storage:

It’s fun to decorate for the holidays and make your home feel warm and cozy for Christmas or festive and cheerful for Valentine’s Day. Regardless of what the holiday is, storing holiday decorations can get rather difficult if you don’t have an abundance of closets and built-in storage in your home.

Purchasing a sofa with storage is the perfect place to keep your holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and think plush blankets when you don’t need them for the hotter months. 

Great for Guests: 

Need some extras for guests coming to visit. Having a guest set already packed and stored is a great way, especially if you’re going to use the sleeper bed with storage for the guest to have everything in one place. You can keep towels, linens, and even extra toiletries all in one place so that when guests come to stay over, you hardly need to do any prep. 

Reduces Clutter:

It’s so easy for your home to seem cluttered. One of the biggest benefits that come with sofas with storage is that you can make your home less cluttered. When you have storage whether it be in a sofa table storage or a sofa bed with storage, you’re able to put all those little knick-knacks away like blankets, board games, or anything when you need to do a quick pick-me-up. 

1. Bowery Hill Light Gray Linen Sleeper Sofa With Storage:

Coming in two colors, a light gray and a dark gray, this sleeper sofa with storage is the perfect addition to a guest room and shared office space or a smaller living room. Perfect for when you have guests, this sofa not only has a sofa bed but extra storage built-in as well. 


Weighing 192 pounds, this sofa is 84 x 54.5 x 34.5 inches in size is the seat height is about 18 inches once set up. The sleeper pulls out so that when you want to use it for a bed, it’s easy to convert it. 


Featuring a clean, light gray linen fabric and plump stitching, this reversible storage chaise and foam-filled seats with pocket coil springs feature tufted seats and back cushions for a stylish appeal. It’s a clean and simple design that is suitable for just about any style and existing home decor. 


Bowery Hill furniture is made to last and add timeless style and value to your home. They offer a collection of high-quality casual and comfortable furniture that’s mostly ready to go assemble. This couch is not an exception and fairly easy to put together yourself. Hardly any manual labor is needed when putting together this sofa bed with storage. 


2. Honbay Sectional Sofa With Ottoman L Shaped Couch:

If you’re really looking for some additional storage, this sofa with storage is an excellent choice. With a storage ottoman included, you get the convenience of a practical storage solution with the chic appearance of a matching ottoman. This ottoman is perfect for storing pillows, blankets, and other knick-knacks. 


This lounge has specifically been made with a breathable flannel material and padded with incredibly soft, recycled cotton that’s not only extremely comfortable but safe as well.


This sofa is perfect for smaller spaces or apartments. It’s 78.5″ x 30.3″ x 35″ and the ottoman is 45″ x 23″ x 17.7″ in size. 


The sectional and ottoman are made from an upholstered linen fabric that’s padded with thick foam and has an elegant appearance. It’s designed for extra comfort but to be suitable for just about any interior design or existing decor. 


The ottoman for this sectional couch is great not only for the storage space but slide the ottoman right next to the couch and you have a sleeper sofa as well. Making this sectional couch a sofa bed with storage as well as a stylish L shaped sectional. 


This sectional sofa is easy to assemble and comes with three separate packages. You can install it quickly according to the directions that are included and without any tools. 


3. Simboom Felt Bedside Storage Basket:

If you’re looking for something rather inexpensive to add some additional storage to your existing couch or sofa bed, this SIMBOOM felt bedside storage basket with a pocket is a great way to organize your items like your remote, glasses, tablet, magazines, or anything else you need handy and close by.

Although this solution is a rather small storage solution, it’s great if you’re not looking to get a brand new sofa storage bed or sofa with storage. 


This anti-slip design bedside caddy is great for next to your eds but perfect for on your sofa as well. It features one main pocket and three smaller pockets that can hold your iPad, phone, TV remote, earphones, books, and much more. It’s designed to keep your items organized and clutter-free. With this convenient caddy, you can keep your coffee table clutter-free and never have to go searching for the TV remote again. 


This pocket is made of high-quality material. It’s produced from a thicken felt that is soft to the touch but also incredibly durable and very well made.


4. DKLGG Chaise Sectional Sofa:

Another sectional option, this DKLGG Chaise Sectional Sofa with Storage is a fantastic option if you’re looking for something that ticks the boxes when it comes to storage and style. Not only is this sectional very practical and savvy with the way it utilizes storage throughout the design, but it’s practical and comfortable with the microfiber material and high-density foam cushions throughout. 


Made from microfiber, this modern sectional couch is upholstered with a soft fabric. The high-density foam cushions provide ultimate comfort and support and of course, optimal softness. You can definitely relax all day while lounging on this sectional. 


This sectional is designed for family use with its large size and it’s storage just about everywhere you look. There are two convenient cup holders on the seatback to place drinks on the left corner seat and the right-facing corner seat. The ottoman that can be moved around to make the couch larger or to provide a footrest also features ample storage for blankets, board games, TV remote controls, and much more. 


Minimal assembly is required and set up is fairly easy. It comes with a complete package that you need to put together with a plug-in design. This design is created to make an assembly that much easier. With three boxes and all the tools and instructions provided, you definitely won’t be getting a headache when assembling this sofa bed with storage. 


When it comes to adding additional storage to your space it’s hard to know what will work best. Whether you’re looking for a sofa storage table, sofa bed with storage, or something to add to your sofa with storage, we hope that this post gave you some inspiration about the ideas that are on the market today. 

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