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What Type of Sectional Sofa is Best for your Home?

A sectional sofa is the most popular and common choice when it comes to furnishing a living room. The main reason being its ability to adapt and adjust in about any interior. However, one may find the term “sectional” to be confusing especially with so many options and types available in the market.

Don’t worry, we will walk you through all type of sectional sofas like a newbie without judgment.

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A sectional is made of two or more sections of sofa seats that are conjoined to provide wide seating space. A general rule of thumb is, the more sections you add, the more expensive it gets. You can get to choose from a two-seater sectional to even seven or eight one. 

You might encounter some common terms when looking for a sectional sofa: 

Left Arm Facing:

LAF refers to the orientation of the sectional sofa. If the chaise or the long seat is placed at the Left Arm side of the sofa, it is referred to as left arm facing sectional sofa.

Right Arm Facing:

RAF is a way of setting the sectional sofa contrary to the LAF sofa. If the chaise or the long part of the sofa is set at the right-hand side of the sectional, it is referred to as the Right Arm Facing sectional sofa.

Chaise Sectional Sofa:

A French term for “chair”, the chaise is usually referred to as the long seat offered with the sectional sofa. Most of the chaise on a sectional sofa is reversible. That means that you can use both sides of the seat. This feature of “reversible chaise” makes it easy to set the sectional sofa at either Left Arm Facing or Right Arm Facing as required.

L shape Sectional Sofa:

L refers to the setting or orientation of the sectional sofa. Usually, a two-seater sofa with a long chaise will give you an L shape aesthetically. This is a popular choice among small living rooms as it provides ample seating and space coverage.

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Curved Sectional Sofa :

The curved orientation of the sectional sofa is obtained with a 4 or 5 seater sofa. The sections of this sofa are placed in a curve rather than being rectilinear. It usually has a middle small curved seat that joins the curve.

Corner Sectional Sofa:

This type of sectional sofa consists of more than three seats. It’s an ideal shape for setting corners of a room. It offers two or more seats at two dimensions with a center seat to conjoin the two parts. It gives a squarish orientation aesthetically.

The most common type of sectional is the three-seater sectional sofa with a long chaise and L shape. The chaise is usually changeable whereas the mainframe is stationary. If the chaise is reversible, it allows you to change the orientation or facing side of the sofa from left to right. This type is common because it can be placed in any small setting providing ample seating space and enough free space to roam around. 

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