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Leather Sofa

Top 10 Best Wood Framed Leather Sofa

A great leather sofa is the eye-catching element of any living room. It gives a vibe of luxury, comfort, and durability. Pair the leather with wood and voila! You get the best wood framed leather sofa that is going to last you a lifetime.

Leather has many benefits over fabric due to its strength and durability. But choosing the right kind of leather is what makes it pay up to its fame. Leather sofas are easy to care for, they remain steady through the changing weather and they provide a smooth comfort that fabric might not be able to give.

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Why wood framed leather sofa is a good idea?

Leather and wood are known to be everlasting. Both of these materials are famous for their unbeatable strength. Pairing up a real leather sofa with a metallic frame or wrought iron is going to cost you maintenance all the time. If you are looking for a genuine leather sofa, you must be hoping to invest in a lifetime product, and that can only be possible if you are pairing up the right kinds of durable materials. Wood and leather go hand in hand because:

1.    Both of the materials are durable.

2.    Both materials season well through changing weather.

3.    Both of the materials are going to be with you for a long time.

4.    Both of the materials are tough.

5.    Both of them complement each other well.

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Best Wood Framed Leather Sofa:

Since Leather and wood are great companions, let’s look for some great options that prove that a wood framed leather sofa is the best option to invest in a lifetime.

1. Stone and Beam Oversized Leather Sofa:

Stone and Beam bring you this plush and soft faux leather upholstered two-seater sofa. Supported by hardwood frame this sofa is filled with really soft padding that allows you to enjoy comfort with strength. The upholstery is 98% polyester with 2% nylon. This blend is moisture-proof and provides a smooth surface.

The sofa is available in multiple neutral options that are easy to adjust in any setting. The design is contemporary and classic with minimal detail. You can have this couch in your living room as the centerpiece. It provides comfort, durability, and great support.

  • Smooth soft surface with faux leather upholstery.
  • Classic design to fit any setting.
  • Moisture-repellent fabric that is spill-proof.
  • Removable and reversible seat cushions let you keep the perfect side always up.
  • The seller offers 30 day free returns with 3 years warranty.
  • The seats are deep which might be subjective to customers who like an anti-sag seat filling.

2. Rivet Andrews Contemporary top Grain Leather Sofa:

Rivet brings you this genuine top grain finished leather sofa. This high-end design is contemporary and classical. Such a clean-lined silhouette never goes out of style. It’s easy to blend in any interior with a neutral color and rectilinear frame.

The sofa is quite practical with straight back and seats. Two over two cushions are used for padding. The surface is smooth to touch and easy to clean. Solid hardwood frame adds strength and durability to this design. The seats are filled with comfortable cushioning and resilient elastic webbing.

  • Top grain leather offering a smooth finish.
  • Genuine leather complemented with a hardwood frame.
  • Cushions with resilient elastic webbing offering reinforcement.
  • Simple leg assembly.
  • The seller offers free returns for 30 days and one year warranty.
  • Multiple leather colors are available to choose from.
  • The upright seats and back are good for maintaining a straight posture.
  • With cats around as pets, you need to be careful with scratch marks.

3. Rivet Aiden tufted leather loveseat:

Rivet brings you another exciting leather sofa. This is more like a bench than a chunky sofa. The silhouette is linear and simple that easily blends with any interior. Regular leather sofas are notorious for having a strong presence and taking up a lot of space, but this bench features a sleek wooden frame that leaves ample negative space around.

The colors are neutral and adaptable. The top grain leather is easy to clean. Wooden tapered legs are elevated which makes cleaning the surface beneath even more easy. The back and seats are reversible which allows you to keep the perfect side always up. 

  • The design is sleek and modern.
  • Color is neutral and easy to blend.
  • Top grain leather is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The seller offers free returns for 30 days and one year warranty.
  • Two rolled side cushions add comfort to the design.
  • Tufted detail adds reinforcement to the upholstery with great aesthetic appeal.
  • The upright design is great for back and posture.
  • The tufted detail might show variations in the color of the leather from folds. This is a natural aging process however some customers don’t appreciate this dual shade.

4. Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa:

Honbay offers this sectional sofa that is easy to adapt to any interior. It offers a long chaise that is reversible and can be set at right or left. The faux leather offers a clean and smooth surface. Tufted detail enhances the aesthetics with reinforcement to the upholstery.

Wooden legs are elevated which adds negative space to the design. The surface beneath becomes easy to clean and the design does not look heavy. The ottoman can be used as a stand-alone stool as well. The adaptability of this design makes it suitable for small apartments as well.

  • Reversible chaise helps setting it at either right or left.
  • The ottoman can be used as a stand-alone piece.
  • Faux leather surface is easy to clean.
  • Tufted detail looks good on this dark color with a strong presence.
  • The elevated wooden legs make it lighter in aesthetics.
  • The dimensions are petite making it a good choice for even small lofts.
  • leather has its own limitations when it comes to long term use. It weathers quickly as compared to an original leather sofa.

5. Serta SA-AVO-JB dream convertible sofa:

Serta brings you this great convertible sofa with three usable positions. The surface is bonded leather with a hardwood frame. Nailhead trims add a reinforcement to the upholstery with an accent color. The back is tufted with stitch detail. Two extra cushions are added for comfort.

The back can be reclined to serve as a lounger. The back can be leaned back completely to provide a day bed. Thus, you can use this sofa in three different positions. Wooden legs add great durability and aesthetic appeal to this design. The dimensions are wide enough to seat three people easily. The upper colour is neutral with a surreal shimmer to the surface that highlights the design.

  • Smooth bonded leather upholstery.
  • Tufted and stitch lines detail.
  • Two cushions for extra comfort.
  • Wooden frame and legs.
  • Nailhead trims at the side arms.
  • Three changeable sofa options.
  • Easy conversion in a daybed.
  • There is a storage option under the seat.
  • Customers complain about the delivery to be inefficient with missing parts, watch out for that and contact the customer service.

6. Signature Design by Ashley Bladen Contemporary Leather Sofa:

This plush contemporary sofa is presented by Signature Design by Ashley. The style is classic yet versatile that will add a great aesthetic appeal to your living room. The armrests are pillowy and plush offering even more comfort.

The cushions are highly resilient with foam filling. Polyester/ polyurethane faux leather upholstery makes the surface durable and easy to clean. The corner-blocked wooden frame and exposed legs make this design sturdy. Multi-tone coffee-brown color is easy to settle in any setting and does not let dust to show. This chunky three-seater is easy to assemble and comfortable to use.

  • PU upholstery offers easy to clean surface.
  • The rough and tough finish is good in hiding dust.
  • Chunky cushioning is complemented with tuck in stitch detail.
  • Highly resilient cushion foam filling.
  • The cushions are soft but firm enough for upright sitting.
  • Contemporary style to suit any interior.
  • The dull color might dull your setting as well. Such a finish and design require careful mixing and matching of different pieces.

7. Container Furniture Direct Orion Faux Leather sofa:

This wood-framed leather sofa is offered by Container Furniture Direct. It features a modern and sleek frame with chunky pillows at back and two bolster pillows at side rest. The tufted button seats are medium padded for firm support. 

Wooden tapered legs add an aesthetic appeal as well as negative space to the design. The surface beneath is easy to clean and makes the sofa look lighter in the interior. The back cushions are removable which allows you to clean the surface behind as well. The Soft Faux Leather Upholstery Envelops Each Piece with Corded Edges and Button Tufted Seat for a Beautiful Tailored Touch.

  • Modern and sleek silhouette of the sofa.
  • Elevated wooden legs.
  • Firm seats and back provides upright back support.
  • Bolster pillows at the sides for added comfort.
  • Removable back for easy maintenance.
  • Petite dimensions that are fit for a small space as well.
  • The seat and back are not fixed so customers complain slipping while seated.

8. Stone and Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Sofa:

This classic yet evergreen chesterfield sofa is offered by a well-reputed seller stone and beam. The side arms and back being of equal length makes it great for back support. Button-tufted detail at the back with a dark coffee color makes it aesthetically appealing and contemporary.

The inner frame is hardwood with carved legs. The upper leather upholstery makes it a durable option that is suitable for daily wear and tear. The seats and back are positioned upright which offers great sitting posture. Genuine leather and hardwood make this an evergreen sofa that is worth the offered price.

  • Genuine leather with hardwood interior.
  • Classic chesterfield design.
  • Dark color that is good for concealing dust.
  • Button-tufted detail adds great appeal to this design.
  • Carved wooden legs offer strong support.
  • Upright seating position allows great posture.
  • The tufted detail often invites grime buildup since the folds are harder to clean.

9. Stone and beam Fischer Full-sized sleeper sofa:

Stone and Beam brings you another great top grain leather sofa that offers a pull-out sleeper bed as well. The look is classic and contemporary that blends with any interior. The solid hardwood keeps the sofa sturdy and strong throughout.

The reversible seat cushions let you have the perfect side always up. The chunky silhouette invites comfort and adds an accent for transitional style home decor. The seller offers a great warranty and returns policy. Each piece of this design is made to order, so you always receive the fresh piece.

  • Cotemporary silhouette that blends with any interior.
  • Chunky cushions offer great comfort.
  • Top grain leather is durable with hardwood support.
  • The seller offers 30 days return and a three-year warranty.
  • The sofa features a pull out bed for easy sleeping.
  • The tight back and reversible seat add to the durability.
  • Some customers complain about the poor delivery service.

10. Jiasting modern loveseat:

Jiasting brings you this bench style sofa that is contemporary and light. The size is compact and perfect for the study room, waiting room or a living room. The design is simple with a medieval look. Semi tufted design with buttons enhances the design even more.

This two-seater loveseat is easy to assemble. The seat padding is thick and firm for steady back support. The inner frame and legs are wooden that give it a more classical look. The seats are sponged with high strength spring and elastic rope. The faux leather is smooth and easy to wipe.

  • Basic design with minimal detail.
  • Functional seats with upright alignment that support good posture.
  • Hardwood frame and legs.
  • Reasonable price with great quality.
  • Petite dimensions that can fit in any corner.
  • High legs that don’t make the knees bend while sitting.
  • Faux leather has its limitations with time. It needs great maintenance to not let it peel.

Buying Guide for a wood-framed leather sofa:

Buying a leather sofa is not as simple as any other fabric sofa. You might encounter many types of leather and finish when looking for one. But don’t fret over it, keep scrolling to find some great tips and tricks to buying the best wood framed leather sofa, worth your money!

1.    Structure:

Before you make the final purchase, observe the structure that the sofa is offering. You need to take into account your existing interior setting before deciding on what structure you are going to buy. If your living room demands a two-seater structure, you can’t invest in a sectional long chaise. A loveseat would suit it better.

2.    Finishing:

The term finishing is more important while purchasing a leather sofa than a fabric one. Leather sofas come in multiple finishing including top-grain, milled, nubuck, suede, pull up, etc. look for the one that is easy to maintain and clean especially with kids and pets around. You can have a smooth finished sofa as well as a rough and tough one.

3.    Cushioning:

The cushioning here refers to the extra decorative cushions as well as the inner padding of the cushions and seats. If you want a soft seated sofa, look for feather or memory foam filling in the seats. If you want a steady and sturdy seating, look for foam and Dacron fillings. Additional cushions always add up to the comfort and style, so accessorize your wooden framed leather sofa with fun colors and patterns.

4.    Frame:

A wooden frame is always a good idea, especially with leather upholstery. However, if you have a limited budget, you can always pair up faux leather with metal or plywood frame. If you want a longlasting and durable option, go for a natural wooden frame.

5.    Springs:

The Spring frame in the seats is always a durable idea. Good sofas with quality materials come with spring coil suspensions and pocket coil springs in the seats. This feature does not let the seats sag and lose their shape over time.

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Our Verdict:

Having a wood-framed leather sofa bought once is going to serve you for a long time. It’s better to invest your hard-earned money in something that is going to prove its worth. The combination of these sturdy materials is going to give your kids and pets a hard time to ruin the sofa. 

Make use of the above-mentioned tips and make the perfect purchase among the best wood framed leather sofas readily available for you to invest.

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